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Dads Who Do It All: Pro Tips for Balancing Business + Family

Juggling a job and family responsibilities as a busy dad is easier said than done. It’s no secret that parents spread themselves thin to succeed in their professional pursuits while still putting family first. Unsurprisingly, studies show that fifty-two percent of working fathers find it difficult to balance work and family. 

With remote work being the new norm, there is a whole new set of challenges to face. Although it’s a nice perk to work in the comfort of your pajamas here and there, conflicts around work-family balance are bound to arise. Below are a few of the main struggles that newly remote-working dads might face:

  1. Adjusting to a lack of a structured schedule. It’s challenging to find a routine that works best for your unique situation, since your family’s pre-pandemic schedules have been erased. Self-imposed structure is tough in an at-home work environment full of distractions.
  2. Dealing with longer working hours. Parents often feel like they're always on-call for both work and family while working from home. It’s hard to create boundaries by setting clear working hours. 
  3. Struggling with divided attention. It’s natural to feel conflicted when you’re around your kids more often, yet you’re still overwhelmed with constant work. Most parents end up bouncing back and forth from personal responsibilities to work tasks, hurting productivity.

    Practical Strategies for a Better Work-Life Balance

    Below are ways to help these newly surfaced work-life balance struggles to help working dads to thrive, especially during the quarantine:

    Wake up an hour earlier

    If you’re thinking there’s no way getting even less sleep is realistic for you, hear us out. One hour solely dedicated to planning your day or working out (without family or work distractions) can do wonders for your mental health. Psychologists recommend taking time to engage in deep thought or meditation alone before the rest of your household is awake in the morning. 

    Although the initial adjustment might be a rude awakening, consider the cumulative effect of an extra hour of self-care and planning every morning. The more time you spend on mapping out your day, the more accomplished you’ll feel in both your personal and professional life. Otherwise, you might find the constant bustle of your schedule makes it difficult to be creative and productive when you rush into your day.

    Work smarter, not harder

    Focus on your efficiency of output. Ask your coworkers or boss for help when you need it. It’s a strength, not a weakness, to know when you need assistance. Delegate tasks whenever possible if you have too much on your plate. 

    Remember, delegating doesn’t mean you can’t do something or don’t want to do it— it means you’re keeping efficiency a priority. Fathers who feel calm and in control of their lives are masters of prioritization and productivity.

    Maximize time off the clock

    Even though you’re logging hours to stay on top of work tasks, when was the last time you looked at how you can better use your time off the clock? Maximizing your personal productivity tactics can make you a happier person and benefits your family as well. 

    Instead of feeling like all your free time is spent bouncing from chore to chore, knock out housekeeping using task batching so you can fully enjoy blocks of time focused on family fun. If that doesn’t work, use trial and error to figure out the best system for holding yourself accountable.

    Succeeding at the work-family balancing act will always have its challenges. Sometimes looking for inspiration from successful figures in the limelight can help. Below, we highlighted some famous fathers and what they do to have impactful careers while maintaining a healthy family dynamic. 

    It will always be a balancing act to be a working parent, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t strategies to make it more manageable. You might have to be more flexible and creative, but being a great father at home while excelling at a full-time job is 100% possible. Who knows, you might find yourself eventually less tired and rushed living in the new normal. 



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