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4 Types of Pajamas

Everyone has that sleep strategy they swear by in order to achieve a good night’s sleep.

For some, it’s a top-of-the-line mattress or bed sheet with quadruple-digit thread counts. Others are constitutionally unable to rest their heads on a pillow filled with anything less than actual clouds.

But truly enlightened sleepers know that the secret to sleeping well is a matter of dressing in the right comfortable pajamas. Whether it's the classic lightweight cotton pajamas, shorts set, flannel pajamas, or winter pajamas made of thick and comfy fleece, we all have our nightwear faves. Here are four types of pajamas that are stylish, somnolent, and Sandman-certified to help you rest easily and comfortably.

#1 The Classic Pajama Set

The Classic Pajama Set

The old standard of pajamas may not be as outdated as you think.

As they say, the classics have achieved their status for a reason. The classic pajamas—a relaxed, button-down shirt with a collar and loose, flowy trousers down below—have their roots in traditional Indian garb that goes back thousands of years. But it didn’t gain traction in the United States until the 1920s,1 several decades after sweeping through the U.K. and Europe.2

Americans might have come late to the pajama game, but that didn’t stop the traditional set from becoming the quintessential outfit for evenings, nights, and weekends. Why not treat yourself to an aesthetic sleep outfit for a new nighttime look?

The best types of pajama sets, like the comfy and fashionable pajamas for women from Tommy John, are made from soft, breathable fabrics and offer options like:

  • Long or short sleeves
  • Pants or pajama shorts
  • Solids, prints, or patterns

#2 Sleep Pants

Sleep Pants

If you’re someone who’s accustomed to sleeping in sweatpants, you probably assume their spot is secure among different types of pajamas. However, there’s a distinct difference between sweatpants and sleep pants that may make sleeping in sweatpants fairly difficult.

Because sweatpants are made primarily for cold-weather workouts, they’re designed to trap heat and sweat against your body. That’s great when you’re on a run through a winter wonderland, but between the sheets, it can lead to overheating that interrupts your sleep.

Sleep pants, on the other, are designed for, well, sleep. As such, every detail of their construction is in service of snoozing, from waistbands that won’t bunch up in bed to fabrics that help every pore breathe, with qualities like:

  • Silk-like softness
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Breathability

Tommy John’s Second Skin Sleep Pants for men and women are made with MicroModal, a fabric prized for its low heat retention, quick-drying properties, and unbelievable softness,3 making them the perfect upgrade when you and your sweats need a rest.

#3 Shorts & Tank Top

Shorts & Tank Top

Classic pajamas and sleep pants are classic and contemporary types of pajamas, respectively. But not everyone is comfortable getting beneath the covers in long pants and sleeves—or any sleeves at all.
If you’re someone who runs warm or needs the unfettered freedom of bare arms and legs, pajama shorts and a lightweight cotton tank top are the bedtime vestments you’ve been dreaming of.

The trick to keeping this pajama type from looking too slept-in? Opting for materials that hold their shape, resist wrinkles, and won’t lose their luster in the wash. Additionally, look for tailoring that offers a breezy, modern fit that cuddles the body without restricting movement, like the Second Skin Tank & Short Set from Tommy John.

#4 Joggers & Tee

Joggers & Tee

Joggers are another alternative to wearing sweatpants to bed. With gathered ankles and a more tapered cut than traditional pajamas or sleep pants, they offer the athleticism you love your sweats for, plus all the nocturnal necessities you get from a pair of sleep pants, like stay-cool breathability and premium softness.

The Second Skin Sleep Jogger from Tommy John features our innovative stretch fabric that’s relaxed enough for lights out but durable enough for daytime, thanks to qualities like:

  • Lint-resistance
  • Pilling-resistance
  • Fuzz-resistance

In our joggers, you’ll never look like you just rolled out of bed—even if you did. Plus, find them in neutral colors like black, gray, and blue to take them around town seamlessly in your daytime wear.

Don’t worry—we didn’t forget about the crucial Second Skin Sleep Tee. It might look simple, but it contains every ingredient you need for a perfect night’s sleep, like silky-soft fabric, a tag-free design, and a modern fit that can be worn running errands or taking the dog for a walk.

Wear Your Most Effective Sleep Strategy Yet from Tommy John

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, comfort is the paramount method for success. Wrap your body in breathable comfort with the right pair of pajamas to enjoy hours of restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Whether you sleep in traditional silk pajamas, boxer shorts, or boyshorts, Tommy John is here to ensure your sleepwear checks all of your boxes.

With an unbeatable selection of stylish and functional loungewear, sleepwear, and more for men and women, we’re redefining what people wear when they relax. Your perfect comfortable pajamas (and your most restful sleep) await.


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