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5 Ways to Wear an Undershirt with a Dress Shirt


Looking polished and professional can be challenging sometimes. But, undershirts are here to help with that! They have the power to keep your clothing looking fresh, crisp, all while protecting your dress shirt from sweat and body oils.

But, how do you style an undershirt with a dress shirt? Read on to learn 5 easy tips and tricks for how to pair your undershirt with a dress shirt so they become a match made in heaven. You can be sure to look great and feel comfortable while getting the most out of your undershirts and dress shirts!

1) The sleeveless look

First and foremost, the sleeveless look: a simple and stylish way to wear an undershirt with a dress shirt. This look will help keep you comfortable and cool without having to sacrifice style. To pull off this look, grab your sleeveless Tommy John undershirt and your favorite dress shirt.

For the sleeveless look, a great undershirt that’s made of lightweight, breathable fabric will be best. A form-fitting silhouette is a plus, too. The Tommy John Cool Cotton collection is a perfect option since the thin fabric is designed to keep you cool and dry all day long.

This look is perfect for both formal and casual occasions. According to an article from GQ, “wearing an undershirt can make all the difference when it comes to maintaining a sleek look throughout the day." So when it comes to looking your best in your dress shirt, the sleeveless undershirt is definitely worth trying.

2) The half tuck

Next is the half tuck. This is a more versatile and modern way to wear an undershirt with a dress shirt. This style will help you achieve a more casual look and add an extra layer of warmth when needed. Start by selecting the right undershirt: a lightweight, soft, and breathable undershirt like Tommy John’s Cool Cotton Undershirts is perfect! Next, just tuck the bottom of the undershirt into your pants, while leaving the rest of the shirt hanging loose. Polish it off by buttoning up your dress shirt, and adjusting as desired. Together, you will have a comfortable, stylish way to wear an undershirt with a dress shirt.

3) The full tuck

Next, the half tucks sophisticated older brother... the full tuck! This is a classic and professional option. As the name describes, this look has you tucking in both your dress shirt and undershirt. The result is a more polished, tailored look. Perfect for a special event or job interview.

When deciding what type of undershirt to use for a full-tuck, the Tommy John's Stay Tucked Crew Neck Undershirt is a great choice. With a super soft and breathable fabric and special tucked-in technology, you are guaranteed to keep yourself looking your best all day. The side panels hug your body and prevent any bunching around the waist.

But don’t take it from us. According to Insider, “Unlike other brands, Tommy John's undershirts have a streamlined fit, so you won't have the feeling of a bunched-up T-shirt under your clothes.” By pairing your dress shirt with a quality undershirt like the Stay Tucked Crew Neck Undershirt from Tommy John, you will have the perfect combination of comfort and style for any formal occasion.

4) The quarter-zip

Seeking a casual, yet classic look? This style is perfect for that. Pairing the best undershirt with a quarter-zip sweater or pullover can help achieve this look. The key to the quarter-zip is all about the fit. Make sure your undershirt fits snugly against your body to avoid any extra fabric bunching up underneath the sweater. Tommy John's Luxe French Terry Quarter Zip is great to wear over an undershirt. The luxurious feel and extra length will help it stay tucked in all-day

Plus, the innovative 360 stretch fabric moves with you and won't ever shrink.

When you're wearing a quarter-zip, it's important to keep in mind what to wear underneath. Pick an undershirt that won't show through and is comfortable in both warm and cool temperatures. The Second Skin Crew Neck Stay-Tucked Undershirt is a great choice for layering under a dress shirt.

The silky-soft, non-pilling micro modal fabric (no lint balls or fuzz) is designed for daily wear. It will also help keep your quarter-zip clean. This style allows you to show a little more of your dress shirt undershirt while still looking classic and pulled together. It can also be dressed up or down depending on the occasion!

5) The layering method

Lastly, layering is another great way to wear an undershirt with a dress shirt. First, pick an undershirt that will avoid visible outlines, like a thinner and tighter-fitting undershirt. One of the best undershirts for men is one of the lightweight and breathable undershirts from Tommy John. The Stay-Tucked collection offers a patented design that hugs the body and never comes untucked. Once you’ve selected the right undershirt, that is your base layer to provide an extra layer of protection between your dress shirt and your body. This will also help to keep the dress shirt in place. Layering an undershirt also adds an extra layer of insulation to regulate your body temperature throughout the day.

Finally, layering an undershirt is a great way to help absorb sweat and oil. This is especially useful for those who are prone to sweating or excessive oiliness on their skin.

Layer an undershirt with one of Tommy John's Second Skin Comfort Polos for ultimate comfort and style. The thin fabric is lightweight, provides breathability, and is designed to move with you. The one-of-a-kind Second Skin fabric helps to wick away moisture and provide additional comfort. According to "GQ Magazine", layering an undershirt with a lightweight polo shirt is the perfect way to wear an undershirt with a dress shirt. So if you’re wondering what to wear under your dress shirt, layering an undershirt with the Second Skin Comfort Polo from Tommy John is the perfect way to go.


If you’re still wondering why men wear undershirts, ultimately it is a stylish and comfortable way to look polished and put together. No matter which option you choose, whether it's the sleeveless look, the half tuck, the full tuck, the quarter-zip, or the layering method, the first step is to invest in quality undershirts that will fit well and stay in place.

When you combine a quality undershirt with these tips, you can be sure to look great while still feeling comfortable in whatever outfit you choose. When done correctly, it can be the finishing touch to a polished, put-together look that gives you the confidence to go out and take on the day. The Tommy John undershirts are designed with quality in mind and can help you achieve the perfect undershirt look, so you feel your best in any outfit.


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