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Essential Loungewear for Self Care Days

Are you struggling mentally, physically, or even emotionally? It's completely normal! We're only human, after all. This is where a self-care day can make all the difference to your physical and mental health. In fact, there is even a Self Care day (June 24th) dedicated to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and taking care of yourself through a self care routine. Keep in mind, however, that self-care is essential year-round to make a genuine impact on your wellbeing.

According to medical experts, implementing self care ideas just once a week is an excellent start in the beginning — Self Care Sundays are particularly popular — but you should consider adding more practices to your daily ritual as you're more aware of how you feel and what you need. This includes facials, extra sleep, kicking back with a book, meditating, painting, and, more importantly — doing what you love while getting cozy in your favorite loungewear set after a long day.

What is the purpose of loungewear, and why should you invest in a set? Here is everything you need to know about essential loungewear for self-care days.

What is loungewear?

First and foremost, what is loungewear? Loungewear is casual clothing that not only makes you comfortable but is also appropriate for in and outside the home. From sweatpants or lounge pants to comfy shorts, it's a versatile look that keeps you comfy when relaxing at home while also being appropriate if you have to leave the house for a quick errand, much-needed brunch, or some ice cream to top off your self-care day.

It's a great alternative to jeans and dresses because it allows you to wear your clothes loosely with ultimate comfort while still looking trendy. On the other hand, sleepwear or pajamas — which offer the same fabric comfort level — wouldn't be appropriate for stepping outside to get some sun and meditate or do yoga. It can also hold you back from getting the day started.

Loungewear, however, is the perfect attire for a self-care day that requires a host of your favorite activities without the limitations of looking like you just got out of bed to start the day.

What are the essential loungewear pieces for at-home self-care?

Loungewear is far from just self-care attire, but it's essential for a day of finally putting you and your comfort first. After all, not every day is fit for formal wear. You can still look like you just walked out of a trendy catalog without squeezing into a tight dress or stepping into a glamorous pantsuit.

Jogger and tee set

A jogger's slim leg design combined with a synch just at your waistline and ankles allows you to pair these pants with a loose-fitting shirt to create a chic look. Take, for instance, the Women's Zee Waffle Tee and Women's Zen Waffle Jogger. The design is trendy, while the material has quick-dry fibers to keep you warm and prevent overheating, a cozy texture on the inside, and a crew neck that offers a more relaxed fit. It's perfect for a day in, doing only things that make you happy and increase your wellbeing.


Hoodies are perfect for winter days and those chilly spring and fall breezes. Even better, they can also be flattering despite the stigma of being too bulky that surrounds them. The key is to toss aside those men's hoodies and grab yourself a set of your own. Zen Waffle Hoodies are a popular choice because they're paired with side pockets and quick-dry fibers.

Crew Neck Sweatshirt

A great alternative to hoodies is a crew neck sweatshirt. If you're looking for something warm, form-fitting, and comfortable, this is the route you'll want to go for your at-home self-care routine. All the best ones are soft, tagless, and stretchy — bringing all the benefits of loungewear without sacrificing a cute style. What's more, it's a casual style that can complement most casual styles, from jeans and joggers to leggings and shorts.

Lounge Shorts

For those self-care days when the sun is out, and the heat has increased, jean shorts don't have to be your only option outside of sleepwear. Lounge shorts offer the same chic look with enhanced comfort and stretchy material that can accommodate anything from meditation and yoga to cuddling up on the couch to read your favorite book or magazine.

How about loungewear for an out-of-house spa day?

Are you considering a day out at the spa for self-care instead? We've got the essentials for that too. Loungewear comes in a variety of options, so you can mix and match your looks to fit the occasion.

Loungewear isn't just sweats, hoodies, and tees! You can be comfortable in an assortment of loungewear styles that can look like you spent the whole day getting ready without actually spending much time at all.

Here are the most popular mens loungewear pieces for an out-of-the-house spa day to inspire your next spa day look.

Lounge Romper

This summer staple has quickly become a hit for optimal movement and versatility when you want something stylish like a dress but appropriate for activities like biking, stretching, and of course — a spa day that requires easily getting in and out of your clothing for the appointment. A lounge romper, for instance, makes your spa-day outfit quick and easy to assemble, adjustable at the waist to encourage only the most comfortable fit, and has soft and smooth material to support more relaxation.

Lounge Jumpsuit

If you're looking for something similar to a romper for your spa day and just as easy to get on and off, the lounge jumpsuit is another great option for self-care days out. It has the same versatility, adjustable waistline, one-piece ensemble, and seamless flow. The most significant difference, however, is in the leg length, design, and jogger-style fit. Choosing between the two can be difficult, but it mainly depends on whether you're looking for a look with shorts or long in the legs. Both can be perfect in the summer since the material is breathable, making you look stylish while beating the summer heat by staying cooler despite rising temperatures.


Leggings are always going to be a loungewear staple because they carry the benefits of highlighting your unique form, like a nice pair of jeans, without restricting your flexibility and comfort. There's a reason leggings alone are a billion-dollar industry in the U.S. Women everywhere are prioritizing their comfort when heading out of the house, especially if your destination is a spa. When you pair it with a Lounge Henley that's tagless for more comfort, you have the ultimate spa-day outfit for self-care.

Your bra matters!

Although you won't find bras when shopping for loungewear attire, they're an important piece to consider. A lacy bralette and pushup may complement your style for a night out. However, a self-care day requires lounging in a wireless triangle bra, cotton wireless bra, or scoop neck bralette for optimal comfort and support.

Can loungewear pass off as casual wear?

The good news is, yes, loungewear can pass off as casual wear. This is what makes it such an incredible addition to self-care days. Getting out of your pajamas in the morning is an important step to getting your days started. It's motivating, lifts your mood, and even makes you feel better if you're starting the day off rough.

The downside to getting out of your sleepwear, however, is slipping into something that's too tight or restricting — even if it's one of your best outfits. Some days, particularly self-care days, call for a more laid back attire that matches the plans you have set for the day

Enter: loungewear.

It's the most popular casual wear style among some of the biggest celebrities like Katie Holmes, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Nelly Makdessy, Riham Ayman, and many more.

Beauty is NOT pain anymore

For decades, if not centuries, women have been subjected to the concept that "beauty is pain," and you just have to deal with it if you want to look trendy. However, times are changing and fashion is putting an end to it, highlighting a new concept: beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and styles.

Like Amy Carlson once said so inspirationally, "I like clothes that are easy to wear. I like to be comfortable and confident. When people have an inner sense of confidence, they're more beautiful."

For self-care day, in particular, this means a collection of everything from joggers and crew neck sweatshirts to lounge rompers and jumpsuits. Tommy John understands how important it is for you to take care of yourself in order to properly take care of others or succeed in your career. You also might be wondering, “What is athleisure?”. We’ve got you covered! Shop our latest Women's Loungewear & Pajamas collection to find your perfect attire for Self Care Sundays (and more!).