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What is the Purpose of Loungewear

Why Do People Wear Loungewear?

It is the end of yet another long day of work and you have finally arrived back at your home after fighting traffic to get there. You are tired and ready to unwind. Before you can do so, it is necessary to think about the clothing that you have on your body. If you don't focus at least a little of your attention on what you are wearing, then you are never going to get comfortable enough to truly unwind the way that you would like to. The attire that you put on for work just isn't going to cut it, and that is why you may reach for what is known as loungewear.

What Are The Upsides of Loungewear?

One of the unintended consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic was that most people spent a lot more time at home. While dealing with lockdowns and a general fear of the spread of disease, many people began to look inward and try to decide how they wanted to take care of themselves. This even included how they would like to dress in order to be as comfortable as possible. This sparked the explosion in the popularity of loungewear.

A few of the reasons why loungewear has skyrocketed in popularity include:

  • More brands are starting to produce their own versions of men’s loungewear and women’s loungewear
  • The clothing is relatively affordable on almost any budget
  • Though it is primarily targeted at women, men can also enjoy loungewear selections created just for them
  • Society is starting to accept the loungewear trend more and more
  • The work-from-home movement has fueled the demand for comfortable clothes

You have to admit that it is nice to know that there is always something in your closet that you can reach for that you know will keep you comfortable. As more and more people experience the work-from-home lifestyle, they will continue to push the demand for comfortable, casual clothes through the roof.

Can You Wear Loungewear In Public?

It would be a major embarrassment for many people if they were told that something that they had been wearing out in public was meant only to be worn at home. This might be the case with women's pajamas or lingerie, for example, but it appears that loungewear threads the needle between comfortable private and public clothing.

Something that customers really seem to like about loungewear is the fact that it is versatile in terms of when and where it can be worn, similar to athleisure wear. If you’re curious on what is athleisure wear, you can also read our related article to find out more. Loungewear in particular, hits that perfect balance between being just comfortable enough to be relaxing for wearing around the house, but also being fashionable enough to wear in public.

To be fair, loungewear is not something you would want to wear to an extremely formal event. It doesn't quite hold up enough for something like that, but it will do quite well in most other circumstances. Examples of places in public where loungewear is completely acceptable include:

  • Dog parks
  • Airports
  • Grocery stores
  • Libraries
  • Outdoor gatherings
  • Most restaurants

Society has moved on from the stuffy ways of years past and accepted that people are going to wear clothing that is comfortable for them the vast majority of the time, even in public.

Can You Wear Loungewear To Bed?

We take great pride in every piece of loungewear that we design here at Tommy John because we want it all to serve our customers in the ways that they need it to. One of the most important things that loungewear can do for its owner is provide them with something comfortable that they can wear to bed, and even consider as essential loungewear for self care days. In fact, one of the pieces of feedback that we often receive from customers is that they sincerely appreciate the fact that they can wear our loungewear to bed. They don't even have to change into pajamas or alternative sleepwear at the end of the day!

Loungewear is made from various materials, but they are all meant to be comfortable, flexible, and breathable. Here are some common soft fabric types that are found in popular loungewear:

  • Cotton - Many types of clothing are made from cotton because it is soft, breathable, and relatively inexpensive. Loungewear made from cotton can be sold at a price that is affordable for the customer, and that is a big deal when trying to get garments out to customers that they gain tangible benefits from. On top of this, cotton is easy to clean, so garments made from this may be cleaned time and time again without losing much of their luster and value.
  • Silk - Draping oneself in silk has long been the ideal way to end your day. It is soft to the touch and generally very lightweight. This is particularly desirable in the summer months when outdoor temperatures can get very high. It is always nice to know that your loungewear will keep you cool even in the midst of all of that.
  • Linen - Loungewear made from linen materials typically has a shine to it that other materials simply do not provide. Thus, it is the perfect material to use for loungewear that needs a specific design or pattern to it. Linen also dries faster than cotton and is more breathable in most cases. It is a wonderful material to use for women's loungewear that is meant to be worn to bed.

Is Loungewear The New Substitute For Pajamas?

Not necessarily!

Getting cozy in our pajama sets before snuggling into bed is a tale as old as time, and there’s no sign people are ready to completely retire their PJs in favor of bedtime loungewear anytime soon. There are some practical reasons why you’re best off saving your loungewear for the daytime and wearing your PJs to bed:

  • Keeping your loungewear fresh – Most loungewear you can wear to a yoga class in the morning and a happy hour in the afternoon. That said, putting on your favorite loungewear ensemble for the Sandman may wear out your ensemble for daytime activities. Sleeping in loungewear may lead to wrinkling and the ordinary wear and tear that attends those 6-8 you spend at rest. PJ’s on the other hand, are perfect for a good night’s sleep. Whether flannels, cotton briefs, or spandex, the material pajamas are made of are designed to be low-maintenance to accommodate any tossing and turning you’re doing at night.
  • Helping you stay at a perfect temperature – Whatever the season, and whatever climate you live in, pajamas are built for breathability. The looser fit of PJs allow for maximum comfort and more airflow as you snooze. Opting for PJs instead of sweaters and sweatshirts at bed time may mean you’ll stay cooler throughout the night—a recipe for higher-quality Zzs.
  • Good habit-forming – Developing a wind-down ritual is elemental for sleep hygiene. When we take our daytime loungewear to the bedroom, we send our brains mixed signals about what time of day it is, which can ultimately mess with our sleep cycles. Stocking up on a few dreamy pairs of PJs help us relax into our bedtime mindset and build supportive habits for our sleep hygiene.

Think of it this way: your choice of pajamas reflects the most essential, unguarded version of you. Loungewear, on the other hand, reflects the personality you’d like to convey to others. Where loungewear is extroverted, pajamas are introverted. Loungewear expects an audience, while pajamas keep things close to the vest.

Both outfits help you find your comfort zone, but only one of them (pajamas) keeps that zone a world of your own—and, in the end, both of them deserve a place in our dressers.

What Are Lounge Pants Used For?

One sub-category of loungewear is lounge pants, and they are more commonly targeted to men, though anyone can certainly wear them. Lounge pants are more specifically used for enjoying a comfortable day lounging around the house. They are not meant to be worn out into the broader world.

Lounge pants are perfect for weekends when you intend to stay home and perhaps catch up on some chores or maybe your favorite streaming television shows. Whatever the case may be, you know that you can rely on lounge pants to provide you with the comfort that you need for enjoying the time that you need to spend at home.

Perfect For The Work-From-Home Lifestyle

Some people like to joke that when you work from home you don't even have to wear pants! That may technically be true, but most people will still wear pants to keep themselves comfortable and to adhere to at least some social convictions. That said, they don't necessarily have to wear the stiff and uncomfortable pants that are typical of many office environments. Instead, they can wear lounge pants that keep them comfortable (and fully clothed!) while they are working away on their computers at home.

Tommy John Continues To Expand Its Loungewear Offerings

The loungewear market is continuing to expand at this time. Tommy John is aware of this trend and is working diligently to ensure that we produce the latest trends in fashion and comfort. The patterns, styles, and designs that we produce are highly praised by our customers, and we believe that they are the best in the industry. If you have been craving the ability to be comfortable both in your home and also in the outside world, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our offerings and see if there are pieces of loungewear that are right for you. We continue to work on creating the kind of pieces that our customers long for, and we would love to hear your feedback on what we have available now.


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