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Happy medium: 5 reasons mid-length boxer briefs are essential

Compromise. Not everyone likes the sound of that word. Doesn’t that mean you have to give something up? 

Not when it comes to underwear. The mid-length boxer brief has arrived - and it’s clear proof that meeting in the middle doesn’t mean you’re losing out. These boxer briefs are cut a couple of inches shorter than the standard boxer brief, for those times when a little less can mean a whole lot more.

Here are 5 things that prove these undies are a must-have item for your top drawer:

1. They keep you cooler

When things heat up, less fabric means more cool air can reach your skin. But then again, too little fabric may lead to chafing, especially if you favor skinny jeans. The mid-length boxer brief is the best of both worlds - no chafing thighs, but plenty of airflow

Of course, some fabrics are much better at helping you keep cool than others. Tommy John’s Cool Cotton collection is made with a moisture-wicking cotton blend that dries faster than standard cotton. That means superior breathability to help you stay cool on hot days. 

2. They won’t show under your gym shorts

There’s no denying that boxer briefs can provide the protection and support you need at the gym. But no one wants to see your underwear peeking out of the legs of your work-out trunks. That’s where mid-length boxer briefs come in handy. 

The shorter cut lets them stay hidden as you bounce, lunge, or stretch during your workout. You won’t have to sacrifice support, and you’ll still have ample protection from chafing while you move. The low-rise cut also means you won’t have to worry about them showing when you bend over. 

Of course, the gym isn’t the only place you might want to rock shorter shorts. If you’re braving the summer heat with some old-school denim cut-offs, mid-length boxer briefs are perfect for all the same reasons.

3. They’re less restrictive

Whether you're running, stretching, or playing a game of basketball, the mid-length boxer brief will let you bend and flex without ever hindering your movement. This is especially beneficial for people with shorter legs. Think about it - longer-cut boxers simply have more fabric extending down your thigh. When you move and bend, that fabric can drag against your skin, giving you unwanted friction and resistance.

Mid-rise boxer briefs will never hold you back when you need to hustle, and the support they provide your sensitive bits will keep you confident on the move. (After all, how well can you hoop if you’re worried about getting squeezed and pinched?)

4. They lengthen your leg

We all want to look good in our undies. (And hey, even if you’re not planning on stripping down with anyone, it never hurts to be prepared.) When aesthetics are a priority, the shorter cut of mid-length boxer briefs can be perfect. They create the appearance of longer legs by showing off a little bit of extra thigh. On top of that, you still get the flattering boost to your rump you’d expect from standard cut boxer briefs. 

Mid-length boxer briefs will give you the confidence you need to strut your stuff without feeling self-conscious. If you don’t own a pair of undies you can feel good about showing off, it’s time to retire some of those older pairs and make an investment in your style.

5. You won’t have to worry about underwear lines

Visible underwear lines can be a problem for anyone. It’s hard to pull off a professional look when people can see your underwear through your pants. And even if you’re dressed more casually (i.e. on a date), you probably don’t want to show off your skivvies through those tight slacks or jeans. 

This is another scenario where mid-length boxer briefs shine. They provide you the coverage and support of boxers without the extra fabric that can show through your clothing. 

These form-fitting undies will keep everything nestled in place and won’t bunch up as you sit or stand throughout the day. That means you can wear tight dress pants, skinny jeans, and other form-fitting clothing without everyone seeing your underwear lines. 

World-class undies for world-class dudes

Your underwear is the first thing you put on each day, yet so many people treat it like an afterthought. At Tommy John, we craft underwear to meet the highest standards of form, fit, and comfort, so you can feel good about your first layer.

That means no wedgies, and no mid-day adjustments to keep everything in place. And of course, they feel luxurious on your skin. Our mid-length boxer briefs are just the latest in our line of groundbreaking men’s underwear styles. Sound too good to be true? Give it a try, and if you aren’t 100% on board the first pair is on us.