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What is a 'Performance Polo' & why do you need one yesterday?

There’s a reason polo shirts have been a mainstay in the fashion industry for generations. Comfortable enough to wear for a day out on the lake, but just formal enough to work for a casual Friday, these versatile shirts are the perfect way to step up from t-shirts on a laid-back summertime date. 

The polo shirt has its origin in sports. It was designed to improve on the standard uniform in polo, tennis, and golf, and to help give athletes the competitive edge they needed. Over the years, it's made its way into corporate uniforms, schoolwear, and other semi-formal attire. But if you haven’t worn a polo since your first highschool job, we’ve got some wild news for you: the Performance Polo has arrived - and it’s the dawn of a new era.

The Performance Polo is a contemporary twist on the classic. It brings the Polo back to its roots as athletic wear, without giving up an inch of style or class. Here’s why you need one:

Make comfort a priority

There’s no shortage of polos marketed as athletic wear - but wearing a stiff, itchy fabric that doesn’t stay in place won’t do anything to help your game. Tommy John is committed to stylish creations that are comfortable, breathable, and versatile. After all, this is the 21st century, and there’s no reason to sacrifice your skin for fashion.

The first time you try our Go-Anywhere Performance Polo, you’ll feel right at home - no matter where you’re headed for the day. Luxuriously soft and stylish, these men's polo shirts are built to last through the day and through your laundry. 

Bring out your competitive side 

Golf, tennis, basketball - no matter what your game, the Performance Polo is a step up from your thrift store finds. It uses an innovative, 4-way stretch material that will move with you and keep its form. That means you stay flexible and stylish, whether you’re just putting around or working up a serious sweat. There’s nothing wrong with some friendly competition, and looking the part will help bring out your A-game. 

This performance polo can keep up as you bend, twist, or ride, and the anti-microbial fabric will fend off odors and sweat stains alike. The collar gives you added protection from the sun, and the no-fuss design means it always stays in place - even when you’re dealing with a gusty day out on the lake. 

Wear it anywhere

The moisture-wicking fabric will help keep you cool, fresh, and dry once you start to work up a sweat, but is comfortable enough to wear to your favorite patio bar once you’ve wrapped up the game. The anti-wrinkle material means you’ll look your best throughout the day, no matter how much you move. 

Dressing up, or dressing down? Our Performance Polos are stylish enough to wear to an open collar event and flexible enough to look great with sandals and shorts for a day at the beach. If you’re not sure which way your day might be headed, the Performance Polo is a much safer bet than a t-shirt. A little clever layering can help you bridge the gap between formal and casual with just a few adjustments. 

Tucked or untucked?

The polo has managed to become a fashion staple because it can be incorporated into just about any style. It has the comfort of your favorite tee, but is suitable for a much wider range of dress codes. We’ve designed our Performance Polo in two cuts to help you embrace the flexibility. 

The longer tapered design of our Stay-Tucked Performance Polo will stay in place no matter how powerful your backswing is (or backhand, for that matter). That means you never have to worry about the dreaded ‘excess fabric gut.’ These Performance Polos will serve you well if you’re playing a full 18 holes of golf and can pair with your favorite blazer for a summer style that won’t leave you sweating. 

Need to keep things loose? Our Un-tucked Performance Polo is the perfect length to wear loose without looking tacky or getting in the way. Great for a day on the lake, a round of hoops, or an evening out at your favorite beer garden. 

The bottom line

You can be forgiven for taking the polo shirt for granted, but there’s no time like the present to give this multipurpose, adaptable piece a space in your closet. With unparalleled comfort, fit, and functionality, Tommy John’s Performance Polo will be your go-to shirt for leveling the playing field on and off the court. Pair your Performance Polo with any of our men's undershirts for extra layers.

Don’t forget your bottom layer! If you’re going to suit up, you’ll need some undies that won’t hold you back when it’s time to get moving. Just like our Performance Polos, they come with the Tommy John guarantee - if you don’t love your first pair, it’s on the house.