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How to Pick the Right Underwear for a Wedding

When it comes to wedding attire, there are a few clothing items that tend to steal all of the attention. Everyone gushes over bridesmaids’ dresses, swoons over the groomsmen’s coordinated tuxedos, and, of course, and “oohs” and “ahhs” the bride in her wedding gown.

Okay, so the wedding gown is the pièce de résistance of any ceremony—but your wedding underwear deserves some consideration as well. Sure,wedding lingerie might not leave the crowd breathless in the pews, but choosing a supportive set of wedding undergarments and loung attire is still a crucial part of feeling cozy on the big day.

Below, find what everyone in the wedding party—bride and groom included—needs to know about choosing wedding underwear.

Wedding Underwear for Brides and Bridesmaids: What to Look For

There comes a point during the planning of every wedding day when a bride must ask herself, “Should I wear underwear under my wedding dress?”

Let’s put it this way: your wedding underwear probably isn’t going to turn any heads (leave that for your honeymoon lingerie). What it should do is provide you hours of comfort so you can walk down the aisle, swan around the ballroom, and make the rounds to verify your seating arrangements are turning out without a hitch.

With that, we recommend brides and bridesmaids wear underwear for reinforcement on the special day. But how to choose the perfect underwear style that can get the job done? The biggest factor to take into account is the one you may have been obsessing about since the moment you said “Yes”: your dress.

The Best Underwear for Wedding Dresses and Bridesmaid’s Dresses

Don’t know how to choose the right underwear for your big day? The silhouettes of both wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses are the biggest factor to account for when it comes to picking out your wedding panties.

Weding dress cuts, how to pick underwear

Here are six popular dress cuts, and the types of underwear that work best for them:

  • Ball gown – Traditional gowns are the roomiest style of wedding dress, making them virtually impervious to panty lines. This means your panty options are nearly unlimited. Wear whatever makes you feel most at home at the altar, from boy shorts to thongs.
  • A-line – Like gowns, dresses with an A-line silhouette are forgiving enough to couple with most any style of underwear. Whichever cut you choose, look for styles with breathable textiles to encourage airflow and keep you feeling fresh.
  • Mermaids or Trumpets – Both mermaid- and trumpet-style dresses hug your figure and conform closely to your body’s contours. This means you’ll need to find undies that feel a second skin. The best underwear styles to aim for on the special day are seamless and lightweight, which can ensure your panty lines aren’t visible under your dress.
  • Sheath – For a sheath dress, which resembles a mermaid without the flowing skirt, your bridal underwear needs to do three things: provide support, highlight your shape, and smooth out lines and bulges. Opt for a lightweight thong, or consider wearing a slip.
  • Tea-length – Tea-length dresses are a popular option for bridesmaids, defined by a hem that falls between the knee and calf. Because the drape provides airflow already, we recommend briefs that offer support and coverage—especially if you’re headed to an outdoor wedding on a windy day.

Wedding Underwear for Grooms & Groomsmen: What to Look For

As is perhaps too often the case, when it comes to weddings, guys have it easy. The number one criterion for men shopping for wedding day underwear? Comfort.

Now, gentlemen, that doesn’t mean you should be stuffing your bulky everyday boxers into your tuxedo trousers. For a formal occasion, you’ll need a set of drawers that’s more tailored than your taco-printed old reliables.

To avoid uncomfortable scenarios like bunching, rolling, sliding, and pinching, take the following factors into account: 1

  • Style – Depending on your wedding attire—formal tux, fitted suit, or casual trousers—you may need wedding undergarments that takes up less room in your pants. For this, pick out a close-cut style of undies like briefs or boxer briefs.
  • Fabric – Your underwear’s material should be able to thermoregulate your body temperature and the wedding’s weather conditions—particularly vital if you’re the one walking down the aisle. This means selecting a breathable, anti-odor, anti-sweat underwear textile that won’t leave you overheated, itchy, or uncomfortable.
  • Fit – Don’t let your memories of your big day include constriction, pinching, or squeezing skivvies. Opt for an adaptable, forgiving air underwear (like those blended with spandex) so your waistband, crotch region, and thighs stay comfortable as you move.2

Tommy John: Underwear Committed to Comfort

As the unsung heroes of many a nuptial ceremony, wedding underwear is essential for giving the wedding party (and honored guests) the reinforcement they need to cut loose and celebrate.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect underwear pair to say “I do” or the pair you’ll come home to post-honeymoon, Tommy John men’s and women’s underwear is designed for sheer comfort around the social calendar year.

Find undies, sleepwear, and loungewear worth committing to by shopping the newest arrivals online today.


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