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Beat the Heat with These 5 Must-Have Tommy John Essentials for Summer

As the sun becomes brighter and the days become longer, it becomes clear the summer months are quickly approaching. Although it’s is a season of fun, staying cool and comfortable is also a top priority. We understand the importance of breathable fabrics for summer wear. That is why we have curated a collection of essential items to help you beat the heat. 

You know the feeling – you immediately reach for your summer clothes as the temperature rises. It's only natural to switch to shorts, sandals, and tank tops during the warm weather months. But have you considered swapping out your winter underwear and pajama sets for something more suitable for the season? This is one of the most effective ways to stay cool during the summer. 

That's where Tommy John's comes in. We understand the importance of breathable fabrics for summer wear. That is why we have curated a collection of essential items to help you beat the heat. This article will explore the top five Tommy John essentials perfect for summer, ensuring you stay cool, fresh, and comfortable all season long.

The Benefits of Breathable Sleepwear, Underwear, and Bras

Regulates Body Temperature: Enhanced airflow provides ventilation for proper temperature regulation. Wearing fabrics that are breathable allows air to circulate better. This keeps you cool and prevents excessive sweating. Tommy John's Air fabric, weighing only 2oz for the brief style, is designed for daily wear and travel providing optimal airflow.

Keeps You Dry

The best underwear for hot weather is the kind you can wear daily, no matter where you go. Breathable sleepwear and underwear help wick away moisture when sweating during the night, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the summer heat. Nylon is a hydrophobic fabric that repels water molecules and dries faster than materials like organic cotton. The moisture-wicking properties of nylon help pull sweat away from your skin, facilitating quick evaporation and ensuring your women’s or men’s underwear dries quickly while you sleep at night.

Allows Optimal Movement

Summer calls for lightweight fabrics that allow freedom of movement. Tommy John's Air Collection offers feather-light options, like the Air Mid-Length Boxer Briefs for men and the Air Brief for women, providing ultimate comfort and flexibility. 

Prevents Unwanted Odors

The combination of lightweight, quick-drying, and breathable fabric with bacteria-fighting properties helps keep you smelling fresh for longer. When unwanted bacteria on your skin mingles with your sweat, it can lead to unpleasant body odor. However, the Air fabric combats this by reducing both sweating and bacteria. With sweat-reducing and quick-drying properties, Tommy John's Air underwear significantly minimizes foul odors.

The Top 5 Undergarment Essentials for Summer

Now that you understand the importance of breathable undergarments let’s dive into the Tommy John pieces that will keep you fresh and cool all summer. 

1. Air Boxer Briefs

If you’re looking for men’s breathable underwear, Tommy John's AirBoxer Briefs are a game-changer for staying cool down under. Made from a blend of Nylon mesh and Spandex, the boxer brief offers exceptional breathability and ventilation. The lightweight design feels like you're wearing nothing at all, while the contour pouch provides support and the quick draw fly ensures convenience. With moisture-wicking properties and anti-microbial technology, this boxer brief keeps you feeling fresh and cool, no matter how hot it is outside. 

2. Air Briefs for Women

Ladies, Tommy John hasn't forgotten about you! The Air Briefs for women are feather-light and crafted with the same breathable Air Mesh fabric as their male counterparts. Say goodbye to visible panty lines with these seamless briefs that provide optimal comfort and breathability. These briefs are perfect for everyday wear and travel, featuring a Cool Cotton gusset for freshness and breathability. Experience a new comfort level while staying cool and confident throughout the day.

3. Men’s Second Skin Sleep Crew Neck Pocket Tee and Sleep Pant

Don't let uncomfortable sleepwear disrupt your beauty rest. Tommy John's Second Skin Sleep Crew Neck Pocket Tee and Sleep Pant are the ultimate at-home comfort companions. Crafted from silky-soft modal fabric, these pieces provide a luxurious feel against your skin. The innovative stretch material keeps its shape, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The stay-put waistband and tagless label enhance overall comfort, while the straight leg fit and functional side pockets add a touch of practicality. Say goodbye to restless nights and hello to comfortable, breathable sleepwear.

4. Women's Second Skin Luxe Rib Sleep Tank & Short Set

This lightweight pajama set is an essential piece for your summer wardrobe. Crafted from silky-soft micro modal fabric with a ribbed texture, this tank offers the perfect combination of comfort and breathability. The ribbed texture provides extra airflow, keeping you cool even on hot summer nights. The modern fit is designed to hug your body, accentuating your curves and ensuring a flattering look. With its luxuriously soft feel and lightweight construction, this sleep tank is a dream to wear. From at-home lounging to sleeping through the hot summer nights, the Women's Second Skin Luxe Rib Sleep Tank will keep you comfortable and stylish all summer.

5. Women’s Second Skin Pajama Shorts 

The Women's Second Skin Sleep Tee & Short Set from Tommy John is the epitome of comfort and luxury, while still being breathable for summer. Crafted from silky-soft modal fabric, these summer pajamas for women offer a next-level sleeping experience. The innovative stretch material ensures that these summer pajamas for women always maintain their shape, providing a perfect fit every time. The tagless label and stay-put waistband offer enhanced comfort and eliminate any irritation. With two functional side pockets, these pajama shorts set combine practicality with style. 

Add Breathability to Your Summer Wardrobe 

So, when you seek the best undies and sleepwear for hot and humid summer weather, look no further than Tommy John. These garments are carefully crafted to fight sweat, bacteria, and foul odors so that you can be cool and comfortable throughout the summer heat. With our collection of breathable essentials, you can stay cool, fresh, and comfortable in even the hottest weather. From the Air Mesh Boxer Briefs and undies to the Second Skin Sleepwear, these essentials are designed with your comfort in mind. Beat the heat and elevate your summer wardrobe with Tommy John.