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Think men's socks are all the same? We've got good news and bad news

It’s true. Many men’s socks are just OK. They get the job done, sort of. And that means their overall performance (or lack thereof) has become commonplace. With seemingly slim options to find something better, our collective expectations have sunk to a low status quo. The good news is this: You don’t have to settle for mediocre socks and longer!

Here are all the best ways to identify good socks and get back to living your best life. Yes, we said it, because your everyday comfort affects your day-to-day sense of purpose! Finding a high performance, everyday men’s sock that is comfortable and smart will become your new status quo with these one stop sock shopping tips: 

Find an all-day, all-purpose, stylish & supportive men’s sock

Have trouble finding an attractive sock that meets your needs in the boardroom as well as everywhere else? Look for product features that include arch support, zoned ventilation, InvisiGrip® Technology, and zoned cushioning in your quest and don’t take no for an answer. 

 The Go Anywhere® sock by Tommy John is a good example of a high performance dress sock that is supportive all day, whether you’re hitting the gym or running around with your kids at the park after a full day of meetings at the office. 

Seek performance innovation as sophisticated as your highest performing shoe

What good is having world-class athletic shoes if your socks don’t also deliver streamlined support and comfort? With Tommy John’s men’s sock line every part of your sock-wearing experience is enhanced because we engineer our products with your complex needs and particular expectations in mind.

As a man of substance, you require specific zones of cushioning, ventilation, and grip so your socks don’t droop, stretch out, collect moisture, or cut off your circulation. Just like you seek out support and stylish looks in a shoe, you should demand the very best performance from your socks as well. 

Choose socks that care about your health

It’s true. There are socks with support and features that benefit blood flow in your feet. The right balance of compression in Tommy John socks enhances blood flow when you’re on and off your feet, which complements your body’s overall circulation. Whether you’re desk-bound, commuting, working out at the gym, or all of the above, light compression and circulation-enhancing qualities extend wearability for those long days. Choose a sock brand that features these high-tech, health-savvy qualities in their products.

With Tommy John, every detail is considered in the form, fit, and function of your sock. That means you can go about your day with good support and never have to compromise your sense of style.

Go with breathability and strength (it’s all in fabric!)  

Good fabric with superior breathability and durability are key components in quality sock design. Tommy John uses nothing but the best fabric blends to deliver the highest performing sock - whether it’s an over the calf dress sock, our all-purpose GoAnywhere sock, the 360 Sport Articulated Ankle Sock, fashion ankle socks, or liners. When a brand offers the same standard of support across their entire line, that’s a great sign they really care about quality performance. No matter what the sock’s purpose is, you should be able to keep cool or warm when needed, wick moisture, and rely on the top-tier technology to support your feet throughout the day. 

Keep an eye out for sock brands that are transparent and communicate details about the fabric and craftsmanship of their socks. Dialing in on some of these characteristics will help you make wise choices that pay themselves forward time and time again for long-term, no-hassle wear. Your socks should feel like they’re barely there while making you look good in the process. 

Socks that blow away your expectations are the new standard

Are you punching a hole through a cheap sock right now? Make it the very last time. (It’s the sock’s fault, not your toe’s!) If you want all-purpose socks that raise the bar in performance and fashion, you now have the tools to break away from the norm and find your new favorite men’s socks. Because the bad news is yes, most socks are equally mediocre… until you try Tommy John. Finally you have access to a brand that beats your expectations and sets a new standard for footwear. Try out our socks today!