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Socks for men: 5 reasons the "cheap" options cost you more

Socks are an underappreciated part of most men’s wardrobes. We often buy them haphazardly, with a “these-seem-good-enough” shrug.

At best, we don’t notice them at all, and they go unremarked-upon by co-workers, friends, and lovers. If they work their way into our thoughts at all, it’s usually for some irritation or discomfort: they fall down, they bunch up, they get hot and sweaty.

So many of us care so little about this seemingly humble wardrobe staple that when our socks disappoint us, we don’t even toss them out. Instead, we allow them to migrate shamefully to the back of the sock drawer, where they go unworn for what seems like decades (or in the worst cases, actual decades…). How many discarded pairs are clogging up your drawer right now?

Don’t answer that, friend. Instead, let’s end the cycle of cheap sock shame. Those poor-quality socks are doing you no favors. In fact, like many choices in life, mindlessly opting for the cheapest sock option will cost you more in the end than investing in quality up front. Here’s how.

  1. You’ll buy more socks and shoes. Low-quality fabrics are less durable. They can retain more moisture when you sweat. This not only causes discomfort and can lead to embarrassing odor, but it can also cause faster breakdown of materials in both your socks and your shoes. Tommy John socks feature quality fabric blends and zoned ventilation strategically designed to keep you dry where you sweat the most. And zoned cushioning offers greater comfort as well as longer wear in the parts of your socks that get the most abuse as you move.
  1. Sweatier socks can encourage bacterial and fungal growth. Yup, you know it. You don’t want to think about it... but you might be creating a habitat between your toes. The sweatier your feet are, the higher your risk for athlete’s foot and other infections. Tommy John socks are designed for cool, dry comfort, which can translate to better foot health. That should save you a few co-pays and embarrassing trips to the pharmacy.
  1. Discomfort impacts your performance. Work and life are challenging enough. Don’t let discomfort distract you. Just like our original nemesis, bunchy undies, Tommy John has done battle with drooping dress socks, stifling fabric, and problems caused by thoughtless sock design. And yes, we have emerged triumphant. Our socks feature zoned cushioning and ventilation, arch support, and InvisiGrip Technology so they stay put, all day long. That means you can keep your mind off your feet and on the big picture - like that big presentation at the office.
  1. What your socks say about you matters. You work hard and care about what you do. Don’t let your socks tell a different story. Attention to quality and detail matters in every profession – and the way you dress can be a symbol to others of how on-point you are in other areas of life. You know this, of course, which is why you rock your sharpest suit for the important interviews and client meetings. Just don’t let a glimpse of drooping, dull, or uninspired socks conflict with your otherwise put-together image. Great socks, like great cufflinks or a tie, are a wardrobe detail that can elevate a solid impression to a standout one.
  1. Confidence shows. When you invest in quality, it pays off in confidence. As you know, quality socks last longer, keep you more comfortable and your feet healthier, and improve the overall impression you make on others. What this adds up to in the end is much bigger than the sum of its parts: confidence. Because when you feel like a million bucks, you’re more likely to make a million bucks. It’s not a guarantee, of course – but what man is a success who doesn’t act like one? In the meantime, confidence is its own reward. Having it improves your quality of life while you chase your next big opportunity.

At Tommy John, we know a great pair of socks, like a great pair of underwear, is a beautiful thing. One of those seemingly little details in life that can make all the difference when it’s done right: for our budget, our well-being, our appearance, and ultimately, our self-confidence.

Not so little, really. We believe in investing more in life, and expecting more out of it. It can all start with a great pair of socks