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Underwear for men: 5 signs of quality you're probably not looking for

Underwear is the one piece of clothing we all wear every day. It’s worth obsessing over! So why don’t most men bother finding the high-quality underwear they deserve?

Maybe it’s because they don’t expect the wow effect from lovers and partners that women in expensive lingerie get. Unless you’re Brad Pitt and posing for a magazine cover, does it actually matter what you wear? We can assure you, it does.

Still, you might need some help finding the luxurious comfort a great pair of underwear can give you. You’ve come to the right place and are already a step ahead in the game! Here are five signs of high-end underwear that you should look for when selecting your next pair.

  1. That glove-like fit

When you’re choosing underwear, it’s all about comfort. Finding something you like is what matters, but some cuts are simply going to be ill-fitting for almost everybody who wears them. That’s why you’ve got to take the time to find a well-cut, smartly-designed pair of underwear that you can rock all day without discomfort.

Generally, what to look out for is a pair of underwear that is tight enough to support your stuff while and still flexing comfortably with your movements. High quality underwear for men will include contour pouches and list specs on measurements so you can make sure you get the perfect fit.

Watch out for cuts that bind to your legs too tightly and ride up your thighs. Low-quality products might seem compelling at first, but you’ll spot the difference quickly. Are you really getting a deal if you’re constantly fighting with your briefs or making adjustments? It’s not worth it.

  1. Premium, comfortable fabrics

Most men go for cotton underwear because it allows the skin to breathe and provides a comfortable level of softness. Good cotton is long lasting, though you should never wear underwear for longer than twelve months, for hygienic reasons. 

If you like a lighter and thinner feel against your skin, a cotton-spandex-mix might be a great option to try - especially if you have a very active lifestyle.

  1. Good breathability

To stay fresh, your skin both needs to breathe and sweat needs to be transported away from your body. Finding breathable underwear isn’t optional! It is an absolutely essential quality you should prioritize.

Breathability is a mix of fit and fabric. Don’t go for underwear that is too loose as it will allow sweat to stick to your skin and develop an unpleasant odor. Premium brands will carry options that are specifically anti-odor with antimicrobial qualities.

What creates bad smell isn’t actually the sweat itself, but certain skin bacteria that break down the sweat. By absorbing sweat and minimizing the amount of bacteria you take control of the situation. For comfort and confidence on hot summer days.

  1. Smooth shopping experience

It's awesome that 'shopping' in 2019 means chilling on your couch and swiping lazily. But if you happen to come upon an online store that doesn’t give you the right look and feel, it might be a sign of poor-quality products.

Some things to look out for are satisfaction guarantees, customer support, concise product information and an intuitive user experience. If the shop isn’t well designed, the product probably isn’t either.

  1. The feelgood effect

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the greatest sign of quality is how your new piece of underwear makes you feel. Does the waistband cut into your flesh, or is the cut too loose? Then that piece of clothing could be made out of gold, it would still be a drag to wear.

Men’s underwear - like any piece of clothing - should fit perfectly, feel comfortable against the skin and give you that light sense of confidence that will make heads turn.

The proof is in the [underwear] pudding

To really find out what you like, you’ll need to get out of your comfort zone. Check out some styles, fabrics and brands that are unlike what you’ve been wearing since back in high school. Not much can go wrong if you follow the five points above. Try something new and see what works best for you!