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Underwear for women: 7 rookie mistakes that most people still make

When it comes to women’s underwear, there are a number of basic mistakes most people still make. We’ve put together the top seven, so you can stay ahead of the game when you’re picking up a new pair for yourself or someone special. 

Rookie Mistake #1: Buying underwear that doesn’t fit properly... and then actually wearing it (gasp!)

Mistakes happen, sure - but it doesn’t mean you have to wear ill-fitting underwear as punishment for the blunder. Life throws enough obstacles our way without the extra challenge of daily discomfort.

After lots of embarrassing store returns and uncomfortable fits, women now have comfortable, attractive options with the Tommy John women’s underwear line. You simply don’t have to trade sexiness for comfort, now that there are new, innovative, thoughtful design choices taking underwear to the next level.    

Rookie Mistake #2: Assuming every woman wears underwear

Gifting underwear to women who intentionally don’t wear them can be a risky endeavor - but even the staunch refuser can appreciate a pair designed to feel like it’s not there. Luckily, panties for women with any standard of comfort can be found in the Tommy John women’s line. Don’t be afraid to give underwear a chance again with redefined comfort, delivered in styles that are undetectable to even the most particular of underwear shoppers.   

Rookie Mistake #3: “Comfort for one means comfort for all” mentality

Underwear designed with this mindset comes in various disguises - from one-size-fits-all to outdated forms that don’t work for a broader variety of body types. (Just because a style works for a small sampling of buyers doesn’t mean it should be the gold standard!) Meanwhile a silent resentment grows from those tormented daily by nagging wedgies, bunching, pinching, drooping, and itching.


You can have confidence knowing bad-value purchases that waste your time and money are a thing of the past. Or at least they can be, once you try Women’s Cool Cotton Cheeky or any other Tommy John style. 

Rookie Mistake #4: Buying underwear that shows panty lines

If you don’t want to show panty lines, you don’t have to! Many brands, including Tommy John, have eliminated lines by minimizing seams or going seamless altogether. Tommy John has also reinvented the thong, a longtime remedy to panty line problems, and made it easier to wear for all shapes and sizes. You no longer have to accept the dreaded panty line, go commando to avoid it, or feel like you have to create optical illusions on your bum to distract from them.   

Rookie Mistake #5: Thinking lace underwear is practical for every day

It’s delicate, feminine, classy - a beautiful idea. Lace underwear is quite a vision. But a solid lace panty with no cotton liner or support can tend to itch, rip, chafe, and fall apart in the wash easily. So save them for a special occasion and get on board with proper fabric, fit, and function when it comes to everyday wear. Try Tommy John’s lacy waist option in any style (like the High-Waisted Brief) to get all the comfort and beauty of Tommy John but with an extra touch of pretty. 

Rookie Mistake #6: Buying underwear in fabrics that aren’t breathable

Your nether regions are pretty good at warding off bacteria and infections, but why tempt fate with panty fabrics that inhibit air flow or generate extra heat? Lace and silk happen to be some of the more obvious culprits that can compromise and cause sensitivity for your genital health because they aren’t breathable. Going with Cool Cotton is your best bet - and again, you don’t have to compromise style.

Rookie Mistake #7: Choosing aesthetics over comfort

You can look cute, sexy, and fun in any underwear you feel good wearing. Designer cuts and accents in fabrics that allow movement and breathability is the way to go. When you’re running between work, workouts, social events, and more, you need to move and switch between scenarios flawlessly without a complete wardrobe change. Tommy John makes way for new versatility, empowering women to keep moving without the additional blunders and obstacles of bunchy briefs.


It can be overwhelming at first when you find a brand that works. It seems too good to be true. But before you go sticking to one style, consider your options. Brands like Tommy John have multiple collections, styles, and cuts to choose from that focus on fabric, fit, and function for everyday wear.