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Vive le T-Shirt! 7 reasons the humble tee still reigns supreme

Long reign the modest tee! Seriously - have you ever met anyone who says they truly despised t-shirts? Can you picture someone on whom a well-cut, snazzy t-shirt just doesn’t look good? Would your wardrobe feel complete if you ditched t-shirts entirely? Yeah, we didn’t think so. Whether crew neck, v-neck, short sleeved, or long sleeved, everyone has one (or many) t-shirts that look perfect, feel perfect, and are perfect for them.

Here are the top eight most compelling reasons why this humble, unassuming garment remains the most widely worn shirt style the world:

  1. T-shirts know no gender

The best thing about t-shirts? They know no boundaries when it comes to femininity, masculinity, or any other form of gender expression. T-shirts love all bodies and everybody loves them back. Even better - the majority of cuts, styles, and designs are easily shared between anyone, without compromising your individuality. They’re lawless in the best possible way.

  1. Tee versatility: Deck it out or dress it down

Whatever the occasion, the humble tee has your back. It can be a blank canvas or an accessory to pair with more sophisticated attire, or with your favorite jeans on the fly. Now under sport coats and over pencil skirts, t-shirts are more commonly moving between board rooms and recreation, and to no one’s dismay.

  1. T-shirts don’t break the bank

The affordability and longevity of a well made t-shirt generally makes it one of the best values aroundas far as stocking up your wardrobe goes. We know there are exceptions to this rule but clearly couture statement pieces are an anomaly when it comes to the classic tee. Focus on comfort, cut, and reliability when choosing the right tee for you, and you’ll be shrouding yourself in a smart investment.

  1. T-shirts are comfort

Comfort is king. And like a second skin, t-shirts are probably the most comfortable clothing item. From pajamas to polished, t-shirts are the very embodiment of wearable chill - whether you’re relaxing, working out, or trying to look put-together. And since you can have confidence that you always look great doing it, t-shirts are also basically the coolest clothing item ever invented.

  1. Always in demand, never out of style

T-shirts never go out of style and their versatility doesn’t end with comfort, preference, and price point. They’re blank canvases for art, advertisements, promotions, and the list goes on. They are the ultimate billboards for self expression. You can show off a well-toned physique, spread word about causes, or go totally understated. The possibilities with t-shirt design are endless and we don’t see that canvas going off the fashion map anytime soon.

  1. T-shirts are ageless, effortless attire

Just as t-shirts have been a timeless choice since the 1930’s, they’re a perpetual must-have for any age range. Infants and aging adults alike wear t-shirts and probably always will. Tees are practical wear. They’re an easy, accessible, pullover garment that don’t require too much maneuvering, whether being dressed or dressing yourself.

  1. T-shirts know no social order

Even though t-shirts haven’t completely crossed into the corporate realm, they’ve always crossed social barriers. They make everyone look awesome and - who doesn’t love looking cool and feeling comfortable at the same time? With high style and design seemingly moving further into chic comfort, it’s no surprise there are couture brands offering tees well within the six digit dollar range now.

  1. Maximum cool (as in the temperature)

T-shirts are a year-round staple. They keep you cool in the summertime and warm in colder months as a discreet layer or accessory to your winter threads. When fabric, fit, and function are the main cornerstones making garments and undergarments the most comfortable and fashionable around, you’ll stay cool and look good doing it.

Whether you’re on the go, kicking it at home, at the office, or active outdoors, Tommy John has you covered with fashionable tees that don’t compromise style or comfort. And as we said, there’s no need to empty your bank account on high priced tees to get your hands on the best crafted ones available. If you’re into good, clean lines and smooth, breathable fabrics, we have all the best cuts and designs that adapt to you and your lifestyle. See for yourself.