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Thong Underwear: What Are the Pros & Cons?

When it comes to underwear, thongs are the great polarizer. In the not-so-distant past, thongs were seen as an edgy take on women’s briefs, with their wearers stereotypes as somehow immodest or immoral. Thankfully, today, we know that’s nonsense! Thongs can be an awesome part of anyone and everyone’s underwear rotation.

Even so, you might be on the fence. Maybe you’ve never tried them, haven’t for a while, or simply want to reevaluate your underwear game. We get it. And here, we’ve worked up a modern take on the latest pros and cons of women’s thong underwear so you can decide for yourself.

Pro: Still way sexy (but no longer have the market cornered!)

For some people, a thong is the hands-down hottest underwear style. But they’re no longer considered the only provocative, default sexy panty. Other cuts like the Boyshort, High Rise Brief, and styles that show a little cheek from brands like Tommy John, are growing in popularity. This has led to an interesting shift. Today, the thong is seen more as an expression of individual preferences and desires. Women are dressing for themselves and their own confidence and comfort. For people who are attracted to them, what could be sexier than that?

Pro: Thongs are more protective than no underwear

This generally applies to thongs that are made of breathable, moisture wicking fabrics like cotton. You’ll also want a brand like Tommy John that moves with you but stays in place. When going with these rules of thumb you’re just about as safe wearing a thong as regular briefs. Because you’re less susceptible to environmental factors when your privy parts are protected, you run less chance of inflammation and irritation.

Pro: No bulging or bunching

If a thong doesn’t feel like a second skin, it’s too bulky and will eventually become an annoyance. Maybe you think the feeling of thong underwear just doesn’t work for you - but we can promise you’ll be astonished by the newest technologies in stitching and fabrics that minimize lines, bulging, and bunching. With Tommy John’s thong underwear for women, no one else can detect them and you barely can either.

Pro: A flattering frame for everybooty

No matter if your backside is bouncy, flat, muscly, big, or small, thong panties accentuate it. They add shapeliness to what you were born with. Have you ever seen a bum - whatever shape or size - that a well-crafted pair of thong underwear didn’t frame up nicely? (Seriously, just think about it. Do some Googling if you have to.) With this in mind, even if it’s still not your favorite style, having a few pairs on-hand for particular outfits and occasions will round out your closet, among other things.

Pro: Have thong, will travel

When T.S. Eliot said, “The journey not the arrival matters,” he might have been talking about thong underwear from Tommy John’s new women’s line - just sayin’. They’re not only more compact in your suitcase than other styles but are also super versatile while worn, for all your seat switching and multitasking modes of transportation. Jetsetters and business travellers alike benefit from the versatility of the easy-to-wear, easy-to-pack thong.

Cons (Debunked!): Chafing, cutting, and discomfort

Cutting into folds, sweeping up bacteria, increased chance of infection, and all of the traditional discomforts of the thong are a thing of the past with the launching of Tommy John’s cotton Second Skin thongs for women. It’s a great leap forward in thong design and construction. The way they’re crafted is compatible for every body type, including shapely women who might have had trouble with old-fashioned thongs. We’ve thought of pretty much everything and continue to perfect our designs for the best function and form.

Good news about thongs (whatever you think of them)

As the love for thongs grows with better design, they are still just one expression in an array of styles available. A high-waisted brief or boyshort can be just as flattering and confidence-boosting as a thong any day. But now your preferences can be shaped on an even playing field.

Now that Tommy John has exonerated thongs into a class of pros and virtually no cons, rest easy knowing there’s a thong out there for you and every other woman of discerning comfort and taste.