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What to Wear on a Plane

Air travel can lead to some of the most puzzling wardrobe questions and situations we encounter. With constantly changing temperatures, cramped seating arrangements, and air pressure changes, it’s often difficult to feel totally comfortable while flying. It’s not always easy to figure out what to wear on a plane, but with some thought and preparation, you can be both stylish and comfortable in flight with the correct loungewear.

We’ve put together some dos and don’ts for travel outfits to help you look and feel your best for your next trip. Soon, you’ll be looking like your favorite jet-setting celebrity.

What to Wear When Traveling on a Plane

There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on the best clothes to travel in. Comfort is the most important aspect — no one wants to be stuck on a plane in something that makes them too hot or too cold, or in clothing that’s too tight. Take a look below to get a better idea of what to wear when flying.

Layers Are Key

Temperatures on board planes can fluctuate, especially depending on the time of year that you travel. While it may be warm on the ground before or after you take off, chances are the aircraft will become quite chilly once you reach cruising altitude. To help you adjust to those changing conditions, dress in layers. Check out some of our favorite layering options below to help you prepare for your next flight.


A layering staple, loungewear like hoodies and sweatshirts are great additions to airport outfits, especially on a long haul or overnight flight. Loungewear has gone from something you’d only wear in your home to being regarded as high fashion, so don’t be afraid to don your best pullover on your next plane ride. These items are the epitome of comfy travel clothes.


Jackets are one of the easiest ways to add warmth and style to your packing list. As an added bonus, if you find that you’re warm enough without your jacket on, you can roll it up and use it as a pillow during your flight. The pockets in your jacket can also help with pesky carry-on limitations and help you store miscellaneous items like lip balm and sleeping masks.


Scarves, Wraps & Shawls

These are a great way to accessorize your outfit while also keeping comfort and warmth in mind. Scarves and shawls can be used as blankets during chilly flights, and they’re easy to roll up and stuff in a carry-on or personal item once you land or if you find you don’t need them.

Stylish looking young man wearing a leather jacket and flannel after preparing to know what to wear on a plane

Wear Breathable Fabrics

There’s nothing worse than feeling dirty and sweaty during a several-hour long haul flight. To avoid that discomfort, keep fabrics in mind when choosing your travel outfits. Cotton, linen, and Merino wool are great options for keeping you cool and comfy during your travels, but moisture-wicking sport materials work well, too (like our Go Anywhere Quick Dry jogger).

It’s important to think about the fabrics you’ll be wearing even down to your underwearYou’ll be spending a few hours in a small seat, so you’ll want to choose something that breathes and doesn’t ride up. No matter the length of your flight, being sweaty below the belt or having a wedgie will be doubly uncomfortable in those tiny airplane seats.

Opt for Loose Clothing

Loose-fitting clothes don’t have to look sloppy or unpolished — they can actually be quite chic, and they’re much more comfortable for traveling than tight clothing. Go for an airplane outfit that includes sweatpants instead of skinny jeans — you’ll be much happier during your flight.

Smiling young women wearing a pink pullover, representing that comfort is more important than style when preparing clothing to wear on a plane

Choose Comfortable Shoes

Travel days can be long, and although you’ll be sitting on a plane for a few hours, you’ll also be doing a fair bit of walking before and after your flight. Be nice to your feet and wear comfortable shoes to avoid any pain or fatigue. Wearing the right shoes will not only make trekking through airports more comfortable for you, but it’ll also make going through airport security quicker and easier.

What to Wear on an International Flight

International flights can require several hours in the air and in your terminal waiting to board. Before jet setting on your next international flight, learn what to wear when flying long distance.

Compression Socks 

Compression socks are always a good choice for international air travel as they promote blood circulation, help prevent swelling of the legs, and help guard against deep vein thrombosis (DVT). It’s also a good idea to pack a pair of fuzzy or warm socks in your carry-on to help make long plane rides more comfortable. 

Comfortable Undergarments

Dressing comfortably is most important when preparing for an international flight. Try to avoid underwire bras or tight undergarments. Cotton bralettes or other bra alternatives are a great option instead. In terms of underwear, go with a quick-drying, sweat wicking and breathable fabric for flight. Our Cool Cotton line is perfect for international travel. 

Travel Accessories

Prepare for your long flight by adding travel accessories to your wardrobe or packing them in your carry-on. Incorporate a sleeping eye mask, travel pillow, noise- cancelling headphones, lip balm, and any other accessories either in your outfit or in your carry-on or hand luggage.

Travel Clothes for Women

Take a look at these travel clothing ideas for women for outfit inspiration for your next flight. When deciding on your travel outfit, go for comfort over fashion. Traveling can lead to long days, and you’ll want to feel your best. These pieces will keep you comfy while also looking stylish during plane travel.

Black young women talking on the phone while drinking a coffee and modeling a perfect travel outfit for women of a denim jacket and T-shirt

T-Shirt or Top

Simple T-shirts are some of the best clothes to travel in. Go for a slouchy tee made from a breathable material, like cotton or bamboo, to make sure you’re flying in style and comfort. 

Long Cardigan or Pullover

You’ll need clothing pieces that are easy to put on or take off to combat the different temperatures you encounter throughout your flight. A long cardigan or pullover will give you warmth when the temperature drops in your cabin and provide additional comfort when sleeping.


There’s not much that’s more comfortable than the perfect pair of stretchy leggings. These are great for traveling since they’re both versatile and comfy. Just make sure that the pair you choose isn’t too tight or restrictive — you’ll want to wear leggings that are perfect for lounging in.

Denim Jacket

Add a chic touch to your look by throwing on a denim jacket. These are great for adding an edgy look to your outfit while also keeping you warm during your flight. If you find you don’t need the extra layer, you can take off the jacket and use it as a pillow or blanket for your legs.


Comfortable footwear is one of the most important things to include in your travel outfit. The perfect pair of sneakers can make your outfit look sporty while also keeping you comfy while walking through the airport. Add a pair of simple white sneakers or statement sneakers to give your look a streetwear influence. Don’t forget no-show socks to ensure your style is the only thing poking through. 

Travel Clothes for Men

We’ve gathered some of our favorite travel clothing ideas for men that’ll have you looking and feeling great. Be sure that you’re familiar with whatever you decide to wear so that you can be confident you’ll be comfortable all day long.

Young white male walking down a city street, while holding a leather duffle bag and modeling a perfect travel outfit for men of a blazer, T-shirt and joggers


A classic men’s tee is a great choice for your perfect airplane outfit. Choose one that’s breathable and soft to maximize comfort during your travels.


A blazer will add a put-together touch to your outfit while also giving you an extra layer to stay warm during your travel day. Choose one that coordinates with your joggers to really elevate your look.


A pair of comfy joggers will have you feeling your best during your flight while also looking good. Joggers aren’t just for lounging or exercising anymore, they’re perfect for putting together a nice streetwear look.

Slip-On Footwear 

Add your favorite pair of classic sneakers to your outfit to bring your look together. Sneakers are also great for easy removal during airport security and comfort while walking to your gate or baggage claim. Try our stay-put socks to ensure you won’t be walking through security with bare feet.


Sunglasses are a great accessory that add form and function to your travel outfit. They’re easy to store when you don’t need them, and are stylish for when you need to shade your eyes.

What Should You Not Wear When Flying?

Just as important as what to wear on a plane is what not to wear. There are a few things you’ll definitely want to avoid when flying to ensure you’re comfortable during your trip.

Illustrations showing what not to wear on a plane such as tight clothing, uncomfortable shoes, offensive clothing and perfume

Tight Clothing

Tight clothing can not only feel uncomfortable during air travel, but it can also pose a risk to your health. Tight-fitting clothes can restrict your blood flow and cause blood clots or deep vein thrombosis, which can be life-threatening. Plus, this can cause you to sweat, and you can't expect to do your laundry until after you land. Instead, opt for looser garments that allow you to move freely.

Shoes That Are Hard to Remove

Another airport outfit faux pas is footwear that is hard to remove. This will make going through airport security a nightmare, and you could experience some serious discomfort if your feet swell during your flight. You’ll also want to avoid wearing high heels — they can make an emergency exit very difficult should you encounter one.

Offensive Clothing

Different airlines have their own dress code and policies for what is acceptable to wear during a flight and what isn’t. Make sure you aren’t wearing anything that could be deemed offensive — you could potentially be asked to deplane. Be on the lookout for expletives and iffy references or messages when choosing what to wear on a plane, and avoid anything that is too revealing.

Perfume or Cologne

While it may be tempting to spritz yourself with your favorite perfume or cologne prior to flying, you may want to forego it. Other passengers may be sensitive to odors, or they may even have an allergic reaction. It’s best to ditch the perfume and instead opt for freshly washed clothes or your go-to deodorant.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what outfits will fly on an airplane and which ones won’t, it’s time to start gathering your favorite tees, jackets and pants to make your next flight your most enjoyable one. With your layers on and your comfortable shoes picked out, you’ll be ready to take taking on the airport with confidence. And don’t forget to wear your favorite underwear to make sure you’re covered in comfort from head to toe!