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How to Wear Sweatpants: 7 Different Ways to Style Loungewear Bottoms

Once regarded as loungewear for the gym and home only, sweatpants have made their way into office and evening wardrobes. These comfortable pants come in soft fabrics and stylish, tapered fits and you can dress them up or down. 

Recently, sweatpants have become more popular than ever before as we all spend more time at home and realize what’s really important: self-care. Now, you can treat a pair of sweatpants like a pair of jeans when styling an outfit. We’ll show you how to wear sweatpants for every occasion in the article below. 

Types of Sweatpants

8 illustrations depicting different types of sweatpants including cropped drawstring and tailored sweatpants

Dressing comfortable doesn’t mean you’re underdressed, especially if you know where to shop. Remember that sweatpants and joggers aren’t just for workouts and naps anymore.

Here are the different types of sweatpants you can incorporate into your everyday wardrobe as well as styles we offer:  

Basic length sweatpants: Your basic-length sweats will be loose enough to breathe in, and they’ll reach your ankles the way your basic pants do. 

  1. Women's Pajama Pant

Cropped sweatpants: Like capris pants, cropped sweatpants hit around mid-calf — great for daytime wear. 

Drawstring sweatpants: This popular style’s adjustable waist gives the wearer flexibility and added comfort. 

Elastic cuff joggers: A fall staple, the elastic ankle jogger helps keep cool weather out. This sweatpant has been especially popular in recent years. 

  1. Second Skin Lounge Jogger
  2. Women's Lounge Jogger

Elastic waist sweatpants: Similar to drawstring sweatpants, the elastic waist adds comfort to this style. It is a popular workout sweatpant. 

Pocketed sweatpants: Pockets are proof that loungewear can be functional too. Store keys, your wallet, and your phone in these pocketed pants. 

  1. Second Skin Sleep Pant

Relaxed fit sweatpants: Also known as baggy sweatpants, this comfortable fit looks very relaxed and is best worn at home. 

Tailored sweatpants: You can now purchase slim-fit sweats for a hip and high-fashion look. 

How to Style Sweatpants

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style as sweatpants can easily be both. Treat sweatpants like other types of casual pants, such as jeans and legging, when putting an outfit together. If you’re wondering how to style sweatpants outside of the living room, read on. 

Are Sweatpants in Style?

Yes. Sweatpants are American’s favorite quarantine accessory — and they were trending even before we went into lockdown mode. Luxury men's and women's loungewear has been on the rise as more Americans prioritize wellness (and discover just how soft Tommy John Henley’s really are). 

Pair with a Fitted Shirt 

You’ll face some critics when you wear sweatpants as casual wear, so prove them wrong with polish. A nice fitted shirt will stop the sweats from looking sloppy. You can go classic with a white or black collared shirt, or mix in other colors for more flair.

Perfect for: Daytime wear, casual workdays 

Man with a beard smiling and wearing a fitted shirt and sweatpants texting with his feet up

Match with Monochrome 

Creating a monochrome outfit means wearing different shades of a single color to create an overall tonal look. Get a matching hoodie and sweatpant for a sleek monochrome moment. Just keep in mind choosing warm or cool tones so that your colored clothing will look cohesive. You’ll appear young, modern, and most importantly comfortable, as you run errands or grab brunch in this cohesive fit. 

Perfect for: Daytime wear 

Women with dark hair sitting on the ground surrounded by plants and wearing a matching monochrome sweatpant outfit

Use a Blazer to Dress it Up 

Looking to take your sweatpants for a night out? Pair them with a blazer for a sophisticated look. Thanks to their versatility, you'll be able to wear your sweats at your desk then straight out to happy hour. Wear a solid-colored tight shirt underneath for even more style.

Perfect for: Work, evening wear 

Women sitting at her desk working and wearing a blazer and work attire clothing with her sweatpants

Choose Shoes Carefully 

There will be a lot of focus on your shoes when you wear sweatpants, especially if they are fitted or elastic cuffed. This is because your shoes will signal how dressy your look is to others. 

Women can use fancy footwear such as heels to dramatically dress up their outfit. Sneakers will have the opposite effect, making the outfit look like it's meant for casual daytime wear. Wear ballet flats to fall somewhere in the middle. 

Mens sweatpants can be a great chance to show off designer sneakers during the day. At night, we recommend making the look a bit more sophisticated with loafers or boots. 

Perfect for: Casual or evening wear 

6 illustrations depicting how to wear sweatpants with different types of shoes

Loungewear Accessories 

Another great way to dress up your sweats is to add accessories to your outfit. Scarfs, hats, watches, and other jewelry can all help your look appear effortless yet elevated.  

Perfect for: Any occasion

4 photos of a hat scarf watch and jewelry to visualize the different accessories to elevate your sweatpants

How to Dress up Sweatpants for Work 

Sweatpants more than qualify as business casual in virtual meetings, but the rules may be different for those going into an office. Company policy will dictate whether you are actually allowed to wear your sweatpants to work, but chances are if coworkers wear T-shirts and jeans, you’re in the clear. 

When wearing sweatpants to the office,  you’ll want to style up your favorite tailored sweats for a fitted and professional look. Elastic cuff joggers are another great option, as you can elevate them with nice flats or heels. 

How to Wear Sweatpants to School 

Sweatpants are a popular wardrobe piece in many public schools across the country. 

Like workplaces, schools have different policies so you’ll want to read up on what's acceptable attire to ensure you’re within dress code. 

If you do wear your sweats to school, make sure to upgrade your loungewear so it fits well and is stain-free. 

Now that you know how to rock sweatpants for work and fun, it’s time to pick out your fit. As you continue learning about loungewear, don’t forget to order cozy and comfortable briefs for underneath so you can enter full relaxation mode wedgie-free!