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Why cheeky undies are the perfect balance you've been looking for

Who isn’t looking for better balance in life? Whether it’s splitting time between work and family, making space in your diet for sweets and salad, or achieving perfect poise in that one-legged yoga pose you’ve been trying to nail, most of us would agree balance is a critical skill for a life well-lived.

Fortunately, balance is easy to find when it comes to your women's underwear. Meet the Cheeky

What makes a Cheeky cut?

As its name suggests, the Cheeky is just that - a cut that bares just a bit of your buns. There’s a time and a place for the full-moon exposure of a thong, or the fuller-coverage security of a boyshort or brief. But the Cheeky style charms with its subtle approach to both complementing and covering your curves. 

Compared to a brief, the Cheeky opts for a narrower cut across your tush for slimmer rear coverage but similar practicality and comfort. Cheeky panties can come in a variety of rises, from low to high-waisted. Never tried the Cheeky before? A mid-rise cut at the waist is a great starting point for all-around versatile wear and figure-flattering style. 

When to wear a Cheeky

A Cheeky cut adds a dash of daring to your drawers without going overboard, making this cut a great choice for a variety of situations. A few suggestions on when to wear a Cheeky:

1. Date night

No underwear captures sassy sophistication like Cheeky. A Cheeky says you’re an exquisite flirt, a clever conversationalist who gives off an air of easy sophistication. You’re cute but grown up. Smart and fun. Seriously stylish and playful. 

Think date night at an art gallery followed by a glass of wine and tapas at a chic new eatery. The Cheeky helps set the mood for an evening of flirtatious fun. 

2. With jeans

Compared to a thong, the fuller coverage of a Cheeky offers better protection for your skin from coarse denim fabric. Meanwhile, it still prevents visible panty lines in form-fitting styles, compared to a brief or bikini style. Mark that as a win-win for your comfort and appearance. 

3. To reduce VPL when you don’t want to wear a thong

Thongs are famously great for reducing VPL - the fashion faux pas Visible Panty Lines - but not everyone loves the way they feel. Thongs aren’t for every situation and they’re just not for some people ever. And that’s totally cool. Your comfort should always come first. 

Thankfully the Cheeky offers a good alternative to the thong for reducing VPL in skinny jeans and form-fitting dresses and skirts - and with of-the-moment style to boot. 

4. When your booty deserves a little glory

Have you been doing a lot of squats at the gym lately? Or were you just blessed with an especially delightful derriere? Celebrate your assets with an underwear style meant to showcase them. Even if you’re the only one who sees your skivvies, they’ll help broadcast the excellence of your lower assets right from buns to brain for a confidence boost that will make you unstoppable.

5. For a cut with some sex appeal that isn’t a thong

Along with eliminating VPL, thongs are known as a go-to option for seductive style. For people who don’t like thongs but still want to show off their beautiful bums, the Cheeky is a perfect substitute.

6. When you’re aiming for understated rather than over-the top flirtation

The Cheeky is cheeky in attitude as well as cut around your rear. This style walks a fine line between exposure and suggestion, like a wink over drinks or a side slit in a long skirt. Sometimes a hint is all you need.

7. Anytime you want to feel a little playful

The Cheeky works under all kinds of clothing and in many situations, so it’s a great cut to choose whenever you want to add a little irreverent edge to your day. 

What to look for in a great Cheeky

For a Cheeky to live up to its potential, this style needs guaranteed stay-put design and quality. Like any underwear, there’s an inherent wedgie risk if you opt for low-quality fabric that can be prone to sagging and bagging throughout the day - and especially after a handful of washes. Look for premium fabric, high-quality construction, and smart design to ensure your new Cheeky underwear are as functional as they are fun. Proper fit is also essential to ensure no-budge comfort.

And finally, you’ll definitely want a fabric with a dash of class since this style suggests sophistication. Think refined high-end cottons, and soft-as-a-cloud modal, high-tech mesh. Anything with a hint of luxury that you can feel and see. 

Tommy John Cheeky cut underwear for women features all of the above. That means no-budge waistbands, fabric that never fuzzes or pills, and three luxe fabric options to choose from. Seriously, you’ll love these undies. (And we’re not being cheeky about that.)