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Why the Sweater Lounge is a Winter Staple

When the season's first chill comes knocking at your door, you want to feel prepared. Must-have winter essentials don't just keep you warm during the cold weather, but you also have to look great in them. In addition to your winter boots and a trusty pair of mittens, this includes ensuring you have the right pieces that offer warmth and comfort wherever you go.

Whether you’re preparing for a few feet of snow or your winter comes with fifty-degree breezes, you can combat any coldness with a lounge sweater set. A ribbed jogger set, wide leg pants or thick leggings, and fleece hoodies are just some wardrobe must-haves. Between their effortless style, easy management, and oh-so-cozy fabric, this cozy loungewear set can become your new wintertime staple.

Here are four reasons why you’ll want to step out rocking a sweet sweater lounge set this winter.

#1 You Can Wear Them Anywhere

The chilly weather might make some of us want to sit by the fire and not leave until the first buds of spring appear. Yet, having the right clothes to keep you warm any place, any time, can make a big difference in your willingness to venture out into the world this winter. Why waste precious time when you’ve got a perfect outfit ready to go?

Opt for a casual and incredibly comfortable womens loungewear set you can wear all over town. You can sport your sweater knit lounge set to the following:

  • Your favorite coffee shop
  • Sledding with the family
  • A winter-themed party

RSVP yes to this special season. With a stylish sweater set on your hands, you’ve already got a plus one everybody will adore.

#2 You’ll Indulge in Ultra-Soft Fabric

Everyone has their go-tos on the days when we need extra comfort—and nothing goes better with a bowl of soup or cup of coffee quite like wearing a warm, knit fabric.

Imagine wrapping your entire body in soft, comfy fabric. That's a sweater set in a nutshell. Our lounge sweater sets boast irresistible materials to warm your wintery heart.

Pick out a snuggly set that speaks to you and delight in the many pleasures they provide, such as:

  • Cotton/modal blend – Our sweater lounge sets accomplish their decadent feel by blending cotton and modal fabric. Cotton and modal both provide light, soft comfort, and impressive durability. Plus, with cotton's enhanced breathability, you can be warm without feeling stifled.1
  • Double knit texture – Sweater sets with double knit feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. This durable, firm stitching allows you to retain body heat while enjoying the lovely, plush feel.2 Get into the sweater spirit with a set that can keep you warm all night long.
  • Honeycomb pattern – Enjoy a sweater lounge set that looks as wonderful as it feels. A honeycomb pattern adds visual interest and a fabulous texture to take your pajama party to the next level.

Wintertime can make us feel a little sentimental—but we say, lean into it. You’re sure to feel warm and fuzzy inside and out with a soft-to-the-touch sweater lounge set.

#3 You’ll Enjoy the Comfortable Fit

When snow falls and the fireplace roars, there's nothing like slipping into something completely comfortable. Unfortunately, some winter clothes don't offer the amount of comfort we'd prefer (we’re looking at you, snow pants).

Luckily, our lounge sweater sets can provide that perfect fit thanks to the:

  • Tapered jogger fit – Jogger-style trousers offer a relaxed fit without feeling baggy. This jogger set is everything you want in a lounge pant and sweater combo. Enjoy the warmth, comfort, and free range of motion in a stylishly slimming package.
  • Stretchy material – Modal fabric offers plenty of stretch so you can feel at ease during your day-to-day activities.3 Perform your morning yoga ritual or even go on a jog with the help of a flexible fabric that moves with you.
  • Adjustable waistband – With an adjustable tie around the waist, you can ensure your pants fit as snugly as you please.

Don't take a chance on ill-fitting winter wear. Instead, opt for elevated casual wear so comfortable you can't help but wear it everywhere.

#4 You Can Wash Them with Ease

When you love an outfit as much as a sweater lounge set, it’s bound to need washing sooner or later. Luckily, these sweater sets don’t require a trip to the cleaners or a soak in the tub.4

Clean your sweater set in a snap on any laundry day. It’s as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. Machine wash cold.
  2. Tumble dry on a low setting.
  3. Skip the bleach and softeners.

Being able to clean your favorite garments without fear of damage provides peace of mind. Clean your loungewear at lightning speed and get back to what really matters—lounging.

Savor Sweater Weather with Tommy John

Wintertime may bring blizzards and early sunsets, but it also brings many wonderful things. Between winter baking, gorgeous snowy scenes, and comfortable loungewear pieces, hoodies and warm women's pajamas, there's much to celebrate.

This season, celebrate with Tommy John.

At Tommy John, we prioritize casual comfort that feels both refined and crazy-cozy. With a relaxed fit and luxurious fabric, you'll feel like you're walking through a true winter wonderland. So wrap yourself up in any of our sweater knit cozy loungewear set, or peruse our pajama collection to find your new favorite sets. It’s never been easier to unwind and watch the snowflakes fall.


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