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10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

When the chilly days of winter arrive, it’s time to prepare for snow days, sparkling lights, and cuddly cold weather. But if your wardrobe lacks the winter essentials, you also want to prepare to keep yourself cozy and warm. You need a winter wardrobe update. And you need it fast.

But what do winter outfit essentials include? Do you need a rain jacket or puffer coat? How about a wool sweater or a sweater lounge set?

Aside from a blizzard-ready winter coat, heavy wool socks, and winter boots, you need a winter wear wardrobe that keeps you comfortable no matter where your day takes you. From bright and cheery days out on the town to cozy nights by the fire, we’ve pulled together an entire list of winter wardrobe essentials you need to live your best winter season wonderland life.

Let’s Talk Loungewear

When it comes to winter essentials for women, there’s no getting around the need for loungewear. Having the proper pair of sweatpants or leggings can make or break your day—and who doesn’t love cooking up brunch in a comfy, cozy robe?
We’re telling you, loungewear is essential for winter. That’s (pretty much) a fact. To that end, here are a few winter loungewear essentials we highly recommend:

#1 Joggers

These might be the most versatile sweatpants to ever grace the loungewear world. With options for both women and men, these joggers come with an all-over ribbed texture for ultimate coziness. With a mid-weight fabric and a tapered fit, it’s safe to say these are ideal for any winter day.

Have an afternoon video meeting? Joggers will be your new go-to. Watching a holiday movie marathon? You’ll be next-level comfy. Cooking up some sugar cookies and sipping on hot cocoa? These pants were made for that.

Plus, they can go with any look:

  • Need to run to the store? Add a denim jacket and some sneakers.
  • Hanging out at home? A comfy sweatshirt will do the trick.
  • Meeting friends for coffee? A chunky sweater and some boots take your look from couch surfing to turning heads.

    #2 A Long Sleeve Dress

    A dress, in winter? It might sound breezy, but trust us. An ultra-soft, long sleeve dress is not only easy to pair with pretty much any look, but it’s also a surefire way to stay relaxed and comfy all day long. This winter essential is easy to elevate or keep casual.

    If you’re headed to a holiday party, we recommend this winter sweater dress with the following:

    • A few gold accessories
    • A low heel
    • An extra layer of warmth like a long jacket

      Looking to spend the day at home, reading a good book as the windowpane fills with snow? All you have to do is pull on this dress and add your favorite pair of slippers, and you’re ready to enjoy winter to the fullest.

      #3 Pocket Leggings

      Leggings may be a wardrobe essential any time of year, but having a quality pair of leggings as the seasons change really is a wintertime necessity. From breaking a sweat at the gym to meeting up with friends for some mulled wine, having a pair of leggings that can carry you stylishly and comfortably through any day will have you feeling like a little kid on Christmas morning.

      These leggings aren’t just like any other, however—they come with roomy side pockets perfect for toting your phone, keys, or wallet wherever you’re headed. Plus, they pair perfectly with other winter staples, like:

      • Boots and a puffer jacket
      • Sneakers and a raincoat
      • Heels and a chunky sweater
      • And, of course, slippers and a sweatshirt.

      #4 A Luxurious Robe

      Chilly mornings and cozy evenings make this piece of clothing a true winter essential for people everywhere. A long robe turns the chore of making breakfast into a fun morning of cooking up brunch. And while you might not wear this winter essential to get your groceries or see friends, it sure makes grabbing the mail in the cold so much easier.

      You’ll love the features of this robe, including:

      • A luxuriously soft fabric blend of Micro Modal, Viscose, and Spandex
      • A lightweight wear and belted waist
      • Pockets perfect for warming your hands

        Sleepwear for the Season

        As the snow piles up outside and you get ready to turn in for the night, having the right winter sleepwear is key. Curling up in a warm, comfy bed is so nice after a long winter day. But you know what’s not so nice? Waking up in a sweat because you’re too hot.

        Having the right women pajamas can be the difference between tossing and turning all night and finding that perfect balance of comfort to deliver sweet dreams.1

        Here are a few winter essential pajama sets that will have you stay comfy and cozy all through the night:

        #5 A Short Sleeve Top and Pants Pajama Set

        This pajama set is perfect for any night, as the ribbed fabric creates next-level comfort while the short sleeve top and long pants pairing keep you cozy yet cool. Plus, these PJs are so stylish you may wear them all around the house. With a relaxed fit, collar, and button-down shirt, this set elevates your cozy winter look in a cinch.

        #6 A Short Sleeve Top and Shorts Pajama Set

        A shirt and pants set may be the perfect pairing for some. But did you know the average body temperature actually ranges from 97° to 99°?2 If you’re someone who runs a little warmer (even in the winter), this short sleeve top and shorts combo are essential in the winter.

        #7 A Long Sleeve Top and Pants Pajama Set

        Perhaps, on the other hand, you fall on the lower end of the body temperature scale. If you’re someone who’s always a little chilly (even in the summer), then a pajama set with a little more coverage is the perfect choice. This long sleeve top and pants set was literally made for winter, featuring:

        • A modern fit fine-tuned for your body
        • A tri-blend of fabric for unbelievably soft comfort

          #8 A Tank Top and Pants Pajama Set

          If you’re someone who falls right in between or has some nights they’re cold, and some nights they’re toasty, this set features a pair of long pants and a tank top—so you’ll be able to sleep easy any night.

          It’s What’s Inside That Counts

          Do you know those days when you just have to bundle up in bulky winter clothing? The kind that makes it hard to buckle your seatbelt or pull your wallet out of your pocket? Those are the days when you need your underclothes to be extra comfy. We recommend:

          #9 Ultra-Comfortable Bras

          The first layer of clothing you put on can have a big say in the comfort of your overall outfit. Whether you’re hitting the park for a day of sledding or braving the icy cold for some groceries, you can’t go wrong with these bra options:

          • This bra is all about comfort and support, so that you can take on any winter adventure (or errand) worry-free.
          • Made for next-level comfort, this bralette is a winter essential for women, as it is as comfortable as it is breathable—as supportive as it is cozy. The micro rib fabric and pullover design will have you forgetting you even have this bra on most winter days.
          • You could say this bralette was designed for days when it’s just a little bit nippy out if you know what we mean. That’s what makes it a true winter essential.

          #10 Super-Soft Tees and Tanks

          When it comes to the winter essentials men and women both need, cozy tees and tanks are perfect for layering underneath pajamas, sweatshirts, or hoodies when the temperatures drop. The Zen Ribbed Long Sleeve Crew Neck offers optimum comfort, featuring:

          • A crew neck pullover with a relaxed, roomy fit
          • A mid-weight fabric ideal for layering
          • A super-soft blend of Rayon, Polyester, and Spandex

          Meanwhile, the Zen Ribbed Tank is ideal for layering under a cable-knit sweater or crew neck sweatshirt for added warmth. This option features a slightly more fitted silhouette, so it won’t bunch up or add unnecessary bulk to your outer layers, and it comes with the same splendidly soft feel.

          Find Essentials You Need to Welcome Winter at Tommy John

          Whether you’re making snow angels outside or prefer to spend most of the winter bundled up by the fire, having the right essentials on hand can make a big difference. With all the pieces mentioned above, you’ll have the perfect level of warmth and comfort to brave any blizzard days—and maybe even start a few snowball fights yourself.

          At Tommy John, we have everything you need to stay comfy, cuddly, and warm all winter long. We offer all of the winter wardrobe essentials you need to embrace the cold weather outside—and all the cozy days inside. From your new favorite joggers to the perfect winter pajama set, we’ve made it simple and easy for you to refresh your closet.

          Shop our entire collection of winter essentials, from loungewear and warm women's pajamas to bras and underwear, to ensure you’re ready for any chilly days the winter season throws your way.


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