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Do I need to wear real pants for this? The ultimate checklist

At last, 2020 is in the rearview mirror. But the “great loungewear pivot” that had people hungry for the laziest, comfiest styles isn’t going away anytime soon. The whole world has gotten a little more casual - and sometimes it’s hard to know just how casual you can get without crossing any lines. 

But don’t fret! This handy checklist will help guide your choices and reassure you when you’re navigating those pesky social norms. Here are 6 questions to ask yourself as you get dressed in the morning (or afternoon):

1. Are you leaving the house?

If you don’t have any plans to exit the house today, the answer is crystal clear. Staying home is the ultimate excuse to wear the comfiest pants in your wardrobe (or no pants at all), even if you’re expected to log on for a video meeting. We’ve curated the perfect work-from-home wardrobe collection to help you get through crunch time. Even if you’re hosting a gathering, you can set the attire as casually as you’d like. Hey, it’s your house!

Now that we’ve got the easy part covered, let’s cover the nuances of other life situations. Leaving the house does not automatically disqualify your go-to lounge attire, so you’ll need to consider where you’re going, who’s going to be there, and what you’ll be doing.

2. Are you just hanging with friends?

If you’ve got a brunch scheduled or you’re invited to a potluck, you don’t have to weigh the pros and cons of canceling or getting dressed. Our loungewear is tailored for a classy, fashionable fit that pairs well with a meal with friends. Of course, you may have to go the extra mile if your outdoor restaurant of choice has a strict dress code. But maybe rather than rescheduling your plans, you could look for a more accessible place to meet. 

3. Are you interacting with strangers?

OK, maybe you’ll be seeing some strangers. But don’t freak out! The right loungewear is just as suitable for a casual evening out as it is for lazing around the house. Our sleek designs take the effort out of “effortlessly stylish” while you connect with your friends or make new ones. The wrinkle-resistant fabric means you can look great and feel comfortable in low-key scenes like the supermarket, a coffee shop, or the neighborhood beer garden. Show up without looking like you just got out of bed (even if that’s what you just did). 

4. Have to go to work?

Here’s where things get dicey. Jobs with strict dress codes or that require you to do a lot of moving around generally require work-appropriate attire. However, there are quite a few jobs where you can show up in loungewear and no one will be the wiser - even when it’s not casual Friday. The right accessories can style up your cozy joggers and lounge henley into a professional look for your business casual needs. 

5. Are you working out?

While loungewear does give you the freedom of movement you need to bend, stretch, and move, it typically isn’t built to last through sweaty gym sessions. If you’re hitting the gym, you’ll want to select moisture-wicking attire that doesn’t slow you down by soaking up sweat. Consider our Go Anywhere Leggings as well as a bra built to provide the support you need for plyometrics. The same goes for any outdoor meetups, whether casual or competitive, where you might work up a sweat.

6. Is it a special occasion?

Well, this is truly the end of the line for casual clothes. If it’s a special occasion, you’ll need to get dressed up and there’s no way around it. But unless you’re feeling Grinch-y, dressing up for events should be fun. And it can make it even more pleasant to throw the comfy-wear back on when your night is over. Even if it’s a low key anniversary date, putting on something special can go a long way towards making the moment feel special. Still feeling reluctant to ditch your loungewear? We get it. We really do. But there will be plenty of days to settle in for the evening in your jammies, with or without company. 

The bottom line

Okay, so our society still hasn’t totally left behind the need for “real” clothes. There will always be bosses, friends, and certain family members for whom you need to dress up properly. Fortunately, Tommy John puts the same care into creating comfortable clothing for all occasions so you can look great and still feel comfortable until it’s time to transition back to your favorite loungewear. 

But for all those other times, the only thing holding you back is the contents of your dresser. So if your women's loungewear choices are looking drab or feeling a little lacking, it’s time to expand your collection and reinvent your wardrobe for 2021.