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Men's Underwear

At Tommy John’s, we strive each and every day to give our customers the most comfortable pair of underwear they can find. We start with the most breathable, soft fabrics and then move on to the design. When it comes to our men’s underwear, we offer six different styles so you can find the one that suits you best. Whether you are traveling, working out, or just doing the standard 9-5, this line of men’s briefs and boxers are the ultimate choice for all-day comfort. 

When it comes to your boxers, the last thing you want to worry about is chafing or an uncomfortable waistband. With our underwear collection, we ensure a comfortable fit with each and every wear by only using top quality fabrics. Our lightweight boxer briefs comfortably fit under pants, gym shorts, or even just worn as is. All of our premium men’s underwear comes in a variety of sizes ranging from S to XXL. We even offer some styles in 3XL and 4XL as well.

Underwear For Men: Finding The Perfect Style

At Tommy John's, we like to provide variety. That's why we've created 6 unique men's briefs styles so you can look and feel your best on a daily basis. Our traditional Men’s Boxer Brief has an 8” inseam and provides the fullest amount of coverage out of all of our styles. Next, we have our Relaxed Fit Boxers that have a 6.5” inseam and lays looser against the body for a more airy fit. From there, we’ve created 4.5” inseam Trunks. These boxers hit right at mid-thigh, creating a modern yet classy look for everyday wear. If you want to take it one step further, our Square Cut Boxers will be the perfect option for you. With a 3” inseam, these men’s briefs hug the body tight while giving off a contemporary appearance. Last but not least, we’ve got our signature Briefs. Our Men’s Briefs offer minimal coverage while giving the most support.  

Already have a favorite style in mind? Start shopping our men’s underwear collection today to experience the true meaning of comfort.