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The Big Adjustment

You can't un-see it. But we can make sure you don't have to see it again.

Why Tommy John?

Tommy John was born from the desire to fix men's undergarments.

Men's base layers have been stuck in the Dark Ages (and in dark places). Until now. Tommy John makes modern undergarments for the modern man. Innovative design and fabric technology mean no more pulling, squishing, tangling or bunching - no matter how a man moves.

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Best Pair Guarantee

If our underwear isn't the best you've ever worn, it's on us.

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"It's the most brilliant underwear on the planet and I'm not kidding... Tommy John has saved and changed my life."
– Howard Stern

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"I found the perfect Undershirt. It changed my life."
– Andrew Ross Sorkin

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"The $40 undershirt and why it's worth it"
– Esquire Magazine

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"It’s a product that makes a difference. A great product."
– Squawk Box

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