I want everyone to experience the Tommy John fit and feel.
Tom Patterson
Founder & CEO

About Tommy John

Our founder, Tom Patterson, was a former medical device salesman and became fed up with the way his underwear and undershirts fit. Instead of just accepting things as they were, he went out designed the product he wanted.

It all started with the question “Why?”. Why do undershirts come untucked? Why does underwear ride up? Why do socks fall down? He didn’t have a background in apparel, but he was absolutely sure that those who did had neglected the needs of men for far too long.

From the beginning, our clothing has been designed to solve the issues men have with their clothing. By combining the latest in fabric technology with groundbreaking, innovative ideas on how to improve existing designs, Tommy John has become the brand the modern man depends on.

We strive to provide men with clothing that allows them to be their most comfortable and confident, no matter the occasion. We pride ourselves in creating functional solutions that will never compromise your comfort or style.

We want to give every man the opportunity to look and feel his best. The rest is up to you.

About Our Founder

Raised in Milbank, South Dakota—population: 3,600, Tom always had an entrepreneurial spirit. He started a number of small businesses when he was younger and always knew that one day, he would start his own company when an idea came to him.

Before starting Tommy John, Tom attended Arizona State University and then worked as a medical device salesman. Today, Tom lives in New York City and on days he isn’t solving men’s undergarment problems, he enjoys traveling, surfing, watching college sports, and hunting.

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  • Universal Fit

    Fits all body types
    Helps to streamline appearance
  • Memory Collar

    Prevents 'Bacon Neck' appearance
    Designed to be invisible
  • Premium Fabric

    Super thin, luxurious to wear
    Lightweight to keep you cool
  • Streamlined

    Eliminates EFG®
    (Excess Fabric Gut)
  • Stay Tucked

    Longer, tapered design
    Guaranteed to stay in place
  • Premium Fabric

    Soft and lightweight fabrics
    Keep you cool and confident
  • Quick Draw® Fly

    Horizontal fly for "quick" access
    (When Nature Calls)
  • Contour Pouch

    Eliminates need to readjust
    Unmatched support, comfort and lift
  • Stay Put Waistband

    Won't roll down or pinch
    Does't leave marks
  • Invisigrip™ Technology

    Stay-up cuff ensures sock stays up
    Adjustable from mid- to over-the-calf
  • Double Layer Footbed

    Increased support for
    comfort and extended wear
  • Y-Heel

    Super thin, luxurious to wear
    Lightweight to keep you cool
  • Arch Support

    Light compression
    Increases blood flow
  • Zoned Ventilation

    Allows foot to breathe
    Keeps foot cool and dry


“It's the most brilliant underwear on the planet and I'm not kidding... Tommy John has saved and changed my life.” — Howard Stern
“I found the perfect Undershirt. It changed my life.” — Andrew Ross Sorkin, The New York Times
“The $40 undershirt and why it's worth it” — Esquire Magazine
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