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Boyshorts: 7 Reasons You Need Them In Your Underwear Drawer ASAP

Do you rock boyshort underwear or even know what are boyshorts?

A lot of people don’t… and for very understandable reasons. Maybe you’ve never quite felt like they flattered your body shape. Maybe they felt just a bit too boyish. Maybe they trapped too much heat and moisture and you worried they weren’t healthy. 

We get it! And we also have some good news for you. There’s a whole new world of boyshort styles and materials out there to solve every one of these problems. If haven’t yet fallen in love with the perfect panty style, there’s no time like the present.

Here are 10 reasons to start wearing the boyshort immediately.

1. They don’t leave panty lines

Panty lines are the true bane of fashion for those of us who love tight clothing. Those form-fitting skirts and body-hugging pants just don’t look right with a visible panty line running along beneath them. 

The traditional response to a visible panty line was to simply go commando or wear a thong. But what if you’re not comfortable without skivvies, and you don’t love the flossy feel of a thong? Boyshorts to the rescue! Because boyshorts seams run under the curve of your bum (rather than across it) they’re more or less invisible. Consider panty lines banished.

2. They don’t dig or chafe

Traditional boxer shorts, Thongs, athletic underwear, boyleg briefs, and other minimal women's underwear can sometimes dig into the tender flesh along the outside of your hips. After all, the narrower that band of fabric is, the more pressure you’ll feel. This is particularly true for rounder and curvier folks.

Don’t know how to choose the right underwear? Broaden it out! A cheeky boyshort has a broad, flat plane of fabric between the waistband and the hem. That means the pressure is spread evenly along your skin, even when you’re active and moving.

3. They shape and contour

For some people, boyshorts are the ultimate in ‘shapewear.’ If you’re looking for panties that lift and support your bum, the full, contouring fabric of boyshorts might deliver that round, sculpted shape you’re looking for. 

Of course, it depends entirely on how you’re built and the look you’re going for. There’s really only one way to find out - experiment and find the fit that works for you! 

4. They’re breathable

If you’ve worn low-quality or poorly-built boyshorts, you could be forgiven for imagining that they’re just not hygienic. Cheap, moisture-blocking synthetic fabrics can absolutely trap in your body heat and lead to yeast infections. And even the sexiest, most stylish panties should get unceremoniously dumped in the trash if they’re not good for your health.

Tommy John boyshorts are different. All of our boyshort panties are made with the best fabric for breathable underwear. Cool Cotton gusset keeps you 2-3 times cooler than normal cotton, and dries 4-5 times faster. That means you can wear the anti sweat underwear all day without worry.

5. They give you real estate

Some underwear is sexy and stylish because of how little fabric it’s made of. Boyshort undies are just the opposite. The larger spans of fabric are perfect for showing off your taste - whether you fancy paddle prints, solid colors, or even stars and stripes. 

If you’re looking for snazzy real estate, you really can’t do better than boyshorts. And of course, that full rear coverage can give you the support and modesty that some of us crave. If wearing a skirt with a thong leaves you feeling a bit too exposed, the boyshort underwear are  your new best friend.

6. They’re really, really smooth

Whatever you think you know about smoothness is officially obsolete if you’ve never touched a Second Skin boyshort from Tommy John. They’re made from premium micro-modal fabric that’s derived from natural beechwood fibers and will never pill (i.e. no more fuzz or lint balls). And yes, they’re supremely silky smooth.

Our Second Skin apparel also stays in place and won’t bunch or slide - even when you’re active and moving. Hey, we called it that for a reason.

7. They’re mischievously sexy

Why did the boyshort panty style get popular in the first place? Maybe it’s because sometimes less really is more. Sure, it’s unabashedly hot to wear a bum-baring thongs that shows off maximum skin. But covering up - and leaving a little more to the imagination - is just as seductive. And of course, they feel a bit like something you might have stolen from a boyfriend - and that’s sexy in an entirely different way.

Not convinced yet? Check out Tommy John’s boyshort panties and see just how many styles and fits we have to offer. If you don’t love them, they’re on us.