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6 reasons boxer briefs are simply the best workout undies

Maybe you love your fitness routine. Maybe do it oh-so-begrudgingly. Either way, there’s one thing that should never stand in your way: bad underwear. After all, the wrong pair of shorts can make working out more painful than it has any right to be. 

“Fair enough,” you might be thinking. “But what is the best underwear for working out?”

Here’s a simple answer for you: Boxer briefs. They can help you blast through your routine and minimize discomfort for your sensitive bits. Tommy John’s 360 Sport boxer briefs are designed to work in harmony with your body so that no matter how you feel before you start your workout, you can power through it and enjoy the benefits once you're finished. Why are we so sure these are the undies you’ll need? Let’s break down the benefits:

1. They give you maximum support

Boxer briefs are form-fitting to give you support where you need it most as you run, jump, lunge, or take the stairs. They lift your backside and hug your groin to minimize bouncing that can leave you sore. If you want to take your support to the max, the hammock pouch has got you covered. The pouch is designed to lift and separate your stuff so it stays cool and comfortable throughout your exercise routine.

2. They offer full coverage 

While boxer briefs aren’t the only form-fitting undies, they are the only ones with fabric that runs down a good length of your thigh. This is crucial to protect your skin from chafing and rubbing against uncomfortable fabrics and anything else. Chafing is one of the most unpleasant wardrobe failures you can suffer through, but a few inches of extra fabric can make all the difference. Sticking with boxer briefs means you’ll never be wincing or walking bowlegged after your workout.

3. They move with you

Underwear that doesn’t stay in place just won’t cut it in the gym. Boxer briefs will gently hug your legs without slipping down or fighting back. When you have full freedom of motion, your squats can get deeper and your knee lifts can go higher so you can maximize the benefits of every rep. 

4. They won’t bunch up

When your leg bands ride up and your waistband rolls down, it makes even walking to the coffee shop an unpleasant outing. In the gym, bunched fabric can dig into your skin as you reach the limits of your range of motion, and it can get in the way of a full workout. It also leaves creases and marks on your skin and leads to chafing and other issues you’d rather not deal with. At Tommy John, every pair of underwear we make is guaranteed to be adjustment free - no matter how intense your workouts get. 

5.They keep you dry

If you want results, you should expect to sweat. But moisture buildup in your undies is equal parts gross and uncomfortable. Swamp crotch is just as unpleasant for anyone that happens to be near you while you’re working out, because the smell will follow you wherever you go (and maybe even linger after you leave!). 

Boxer briefs - especially Tommy John boxer briefs, made with moisture-wicking 360 Sport fabric - are the solution to this mildly gross puzzle. They pull sweat away from your body, keeping you cool and dry while you turn up the heat at the gym. And the high-tech fabric has antimicrobial technology to fight off fungus and bacteria so your shorts stay fresher. 

6. They’re perfect for showing off your results

When you stick to your routine, your mind and body will thank you for it. Of course, the results can be a major confidence boost, and boxer briefs are naturally flattering for virtually any figure. Boxer briefs let you flaunt your physique without being too showy. The full coverage means you'll never have any wardrobe mishaps either, so you can feel comfortable walking through the house or lounging around without any embarrassing slip-ups. 

The bottom line

A workout is an effective way to de-stress after a long day - and a great way to start your day off on the right foot. The mental and physical health benefits of exercise are even more important if you’re stuck at home all day and missing out on connecting with your family and friends. 

The perfect underwear is foundational to getting the most out of your workout before calling it quits. Tommy John’s 360 Sport Boxer Briefs are a comfortable, lightweight pair of underwear that can help you level up and minimize the pain you put into your gains. We’re so confident that you’ll love our underwear that it’s backed with our no questions asked guarantee - if you don’t love it, the first pair is on us.