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10 Bra Alternatives to Ditch Your Underwire

Gone are the days of uncomfortable bras that poke and pinch. No more slipping straps or bunching. Women agree that what matters most is the support and above all—comfort of your bra. Your girls deserve the best of the best, after all. 

Whether you’re looking to forgo your underwire or need barely-there coverage for a backless dress, avoid a nip slip and find your go-to bra alternative. Your everyday bra should cater to your cup size and lifestyle, but comfort, fit and flexibility go a long way. 

If you’re feeling lost in a sea of bra features, we’ve done all of the work for you! We compiled every bra alternative to underwire to help you find a bra you love and can feel confident in on any occasion. 

Alternatives to Underwire Bras

A great bra is an important part of any woman’s top drawer. If your current bra just isn’t working, there are so many alternatives to help you feel comfortable and confident in your undergarments again. 

To empower you to feel your best, we’ve outlined the different bra styles and alternatives below from the most supportive to the least. Let’s get started! 

Best Support 

3 illustrations of different types of bra alternatives the triangle scoop and wireless bralette

1. Triangle Bralette

Characterized by its triangle-shaped cup, a triangle bralette has a slightly plunging neckline, perfect if you want a little less coverage than a demi or scoop bra. The key to casual comfort, triangle bralettes are flexible enough to wear daily—offering a slight lift with good support. 

Best for: Lounging or with t-shirts, tops and dresses 

2. Scoop Bralette

A smoothing scoop bralette is very similar to the triangle bralette but has slightly more coverage across your chest. With soft and silky fabric, a wireless scoop bra can accentuate what you love, while also smoothing out what you don’t. Say goodbye to bra-fitting problemsScoop bralettes are perfect for daily wear—breathable enough for work, sleep, or even workouts.

Best for: Daily wear for work, sleep or workouts 

3. Wireless Bra

While a wireless bra is technically a bra, it has so many benefits compared to underwire. The seamless, smooth cups give you lightweight support without digging or poking your skin. If you have larger breasts, wireless gives you support, without sacrificing comfort. 

When finding your bra size, keep in mind the straps shouldn’t dig into your shoulder or slide down and the cups and band should be level on your skin. 

Best for: Everyday activities at home or out and about   

Medium Support 

3 illustrations of different types of bra alternatives the bandeau camisole and bodysuit

4. Bandeau 

Want to go strapless? Let’s talk bandeaus. This garment is a strip of fabric (usually cotton or nylon) with a band on the top or bottom to hold you in. Bandeau bras don’t offer the same amount of support as a wireless bra would, but are a stretchy, comfortable option. It can also double as a top on its own if you want to show a little skin. 

Best for: Strapless tops or dresses 

5. Camisole

If you’re debating between a bra and camisole, each serves different purposes. Camisoles are stretchy, thin tanks with spaghetti straps that can keep you supported depending on how tight it is. For a minimal look, it’s easy to wear it by itself in the summer or you can layer it under tops and sweaters during the colder months. 

Best for: Layering or worn as a tank top 

6. Bodysuit

Just like the name alludes, a bodysuit is a one-piece skin-tight garment that can replace your bra. You can choose to wear a bra with the bodysuit or ditch your bra altogether. Silky, luxurious bodysuits can layer easily or be paired with a skirt or high-waisted pants. 

Best for: Layering or paired with skirts, shorts and pants

Less Support

3 illustrations of different types of bra alternatives the adhesive bra nipple covers and boob tape

7. Adhesive Bra 

Adhesive or stick-on bras may get a bad rap, but they are one of the few strapless bra alternatives that offer shape and definition. Some are push-up or tie up in the middle for a small lift. For minimal support, adhesives are typically best for strapless, one-shoulder or deep V-neck outfits when you want to avoid showing your bra. 

Best for: Strapless, backless, one-shoulder and V-neck outfits

8. Nipple Covers

Avoid a basic bra mistake by wearing the wrong type of bra with an outfit. Nipple covers (or pasties) work just like an adhesive bra but are circular to cover just the nipple area. Created to be practically invisible, pasties are lightweight and easy to style under bathing suits or backless tops during the warm summer months. You can find them in any skin tone for barely-there coverage. 

Best for: Bathing suits and backless tops or dresses

9. Boob Tape

Boob tape, made popular by celebrities, is used to lift, separate and support your girls in all the right ways. Designed for your skin, boob tape comes in all skin tones and shades to be nearly invisible with backless, plunge or low-cut dresses. You can boost your cleavage as little or as much as you want depending on where the tape is positioned. 

Best for: Backless, plunge and low-cut dresses 

10. Go Braless 

We get it, sometimes you just have to let things hang loose. In fact, 1 in 4 women choose to go braless and we pass no judgment. After all, it can be practical – say goodbye to bra laundry! However, for special occasions or when you need extra support, our silky and soft Second Skin fabric is as close as you can get to wearing nothing.

Best for: Lounging at home 

Choose your perfect bra substitutes from our list and mix and match depending on the season, occasion or lifestyle! Level up your collection with a matching bra and underwear set or pair it with loungewear for ultimate comfort.